Yoga Journey

yoga journey


yoga journey

I have always struggled with yoga practice. As a fitness enthusiast, I thought that yoga was the antithesis to my workout goals, and simply just stretching. Western medicine just wasn’t for me. My mother, a rebellious soul, stood on her head for years, but I couldn’t be bothered. What I didn’t realize then was that yoga helps me stretch out , yoga is actually good for you. It stretches out the fatigued muscles that are so hard at work. In typical yoga classes, the strict attention to detail, the asanas, and the commanded instructions were not my cup of tea. The commands, “keep your legs hips width apart, now hang your head into your hands, and dangle all of it them in front of you” are strange. And then chanting om? Forget it.

All that changed when I went to Tulum. There, the ancient traditions of yoga are life’s focal points and quiet meditation practice are healing and powerful.

Come with me on a yoga journey.

Although I fought it for many years, it was just a matter of time before I started it up again, You know what they say –it is when you hate something that you need it the most. I am an open-minded girl, therefore resolved to practice a full week of yoga at a retreat with one of my favorite yoga instructors. For me, this was staying present in the moment even during the toughest or most boring poses.

What I learned is that the mind thrives on a series of patterns. It is hard to change a habit, and that is where the meditation portion comes in. As my mind wanders outside of the room, onto the beach or the emails that went unanswered, I needed to bring it back and let the thoughts flow in and out of my body. It is supposed to be effortless. This is how to let go? This is the struggle I have on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis.

How To Focus.

I took a mediation class when I got home at Ziva Meditation that has helped me through the struggles. Writing things down and making lists of my priorities helps aid the lifelong process. I listen to my mind, and my body. I am nowhere near the meditative transformations I wish for, but it’s not always about dramatic transformation. Just like New Year’s resolutions, it’s the baby steps, the short-term goals that will last in the long run. And that, is what matters!

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