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A Fashionistas Guide to Los Angeles

A fashionistas guide to Los Angeles

The Shoe Box

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When it comes to travel, I love exploring places I have never been. In addition, I create extensive to-do lists and hit them hard. The act of conquering the unknown has always been a draw for me. On the flip side, going somewhere that I know well and have visited is fun and easy on the brain. I have been to Los Angeles over twenty times. At this point, the west coast holds a special place in my heart. The people are super friendly, a refreshing change from the East Coast vibe. I consider moving out to California several times of year because New York weather doesn’t cooperate with me, I need Vitamin D, hence am at a loss at what to wear. I pulled out all the stops this trip and wore some of my favorite designers. Read on to see a fashionistas guide to Los Angeles.

What to wear in Los Angeles

This time around, I had the pleasure of working with The Shoe Box, who styled me for most of my trip. The Shoe Box is a fashion lifestyle brand and is expertly curated. It is renowned for carrying the most exclusive edit from the worlds top luxury designers. It is rare when I enter a shop to find so many things that I would love to wear! Angelinos have a much more casual vibe, focusing on denim, bombers, and simple lines. The pieces I pulled were perfect for my trip. The best part is that I received so many nice comments on my looks and wanted to share them with you, Thanks to The Shoe Box for dressing me!

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The information is below to get your Spring break essentials now!


123 Fifth Ave
New York, New York 10003


I only traveled with a carry-on suitcase and here is what went inside.

The Shoe Box

Los Angeles

This denim skirt from Frankie is so cool and resembles a denim jacket with fly-away sleeves. The bow-tie shoes from No.21 are striped which is always in style.


This BLANKNYC bomber jacket is the bomb.

Blank Denim

Blank Denim

Los Angeles

This dress from Suboo was worn in a multiple of ways from the beach, to poolside and straight to dinner. So chic!

Lauren Moshi

read my lips tee

black leather shorts lips tee

Lauren Moshi Read My Lips t-shirt

David Lerner leather short

Proenza Schouler leather studded mules

the butchers daughter


Thanks for reading and supporting me !

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