Derek Lam

Slip It On

Hellooo Tuesday heat wave! Let’s talk about it. Where shorts fail, scrunchies never do, and where hair scrunchies claim their stake in the bathroom and fail to impress outside the confines of your personal space, slip dresses, lightweight, breathable, and downright the perfect summer uniform for these sweltering 90-degree dog... Read More

Fall Essentials

Just because fall is here doesn’t mean you have to get all blah with your clothing. Au contraire! Thanks to the unexpected hues on this season’s runways—like pale pink from 3.1 Phillip Lim—these colorful Prada totes out now, its time to break all those old dumb rules like about not wearing white... Read More


Honestly, one of the scariest things I have ever done was to go on the Kindga Ka roller coaster at Great Adventure, an all-steel whip fast ride that nearly gave me a panic attack, dubbed the world’s tallest roller coaster and the second fastest in the world. Next to that,... Read More

Let the Fashion Games Begin

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what’s a video worth? In case you did ever wonder what the definition of “getting ready for Fashion Week” really means. In the throes of Day 4, today is my birthday!, I will be heading to the tents for some more... Read More

Printed Matter

While I love to stock up on classic staples, I also have an intense appreciation for all things fun and whimsical. Call me crazy, yes you can, but I’ve been known to throw on floral pants with a simple white tee one day, and a striped tee with denim overalls... Read More

The Shorts Report

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go. Although summer is a time to chill out and wear the bare minimum, most of us worker bees still have to sit at a desk and report to a boss. Um, HELLO..Money? Recently an advertising executive friend of mine said... Read More

Kelly Wearstler

Renowned interior design guru, trendsetter, and now fashion designer, Kelly Wearstler, went raw for her Resort collection aptly titled “When animals attack.”  Known for her use of bold prints and bright color palettes, Wearstler went wild, adorning fabrics with claw marks, serrated teeth marks, tiger motifs, and plenty of camouflage. The... Read More

Spring Sample Sale Swag

Who doesn’t love a great sale? On designer duds? At over 70% off retail? Seriously, I didn’t think so. I tend to go a little crazy for sample sales, and I bet if you look closely at me in the next few months worth of photos, I will be wearing... Read More

Foot Stompin’

Among the many manifestos that I have made this past season; most notably wide-leg pants, mixing prints, oversized coats, and over-the-top fur, I have not forgotten about what has been occurring below ankle level. Knee-high boots are more prevalent than booties, the platform shoe is not dead, and we see... Read More

Looking down at the southern regions

If recent photos and fall reports serve as an indication of anything, it is that trends constantly reboot themselves and become new again. This is really nothing new in the worlds of fashion, food, art, and pretty much everything. If you have been following my posts and reports from New... Read More