Gridlock Alert

Henri Bendel micro tote bag on sale!     New York City of late has been so congested traffic-wise that it really makes me and the rest of us go batty! Because of the constant new construction sites going up, it is difficult to get around. The streets are are a mess, walkways are interrupted, and the honking doesn’t help. As a result, walking anywhere is a hassle. Maybe take a ride in a taxi?! Fah get about it! It’s a sheer nightmare. It’s gridlock alert days folks. Welcome to the holidays in New York. Factor in the tourists, and all I want to do is stay home. Another reason I want to stay indoors, is the freezing cold weather that hit the Northeast. If... Read More

Relaxation Gifts At Holiday Time

Shop Relaxation Gifts at Holiday Time      First of all, this crazy hectic time of year drives me crazy. There are so many plans and commitments, in addition to work, and the holidays. It seems like everyone is overworked, over-stressed, and constantly overwhelmed. And it’s true. While you may know how to handle stress, perhaps it’s a parent who’s still working their stressful corporate job, or a close friend whose whole life seems to revolve around her graduate degree. Or that person who just deserves a break but doesn’t get one. When it comes to these special stressed people in our lives, the perfect gift to give during the holiday season is the gift of relaxation. Even people who aren’t totally overworked and stressed... Read More

Stephanie’s Ultimate Wish List

Frankie Shop wine cropped sweater, shop here and here  Hermes belt Henri Bendel micro tote bag Madewell jeans     It’s officially December! And 5 days in. And here we are deep into The #holidayseason. Holiday lists have always struck me as strange. It’s akin to providing someone with a list of “things” you would like to receive to show your love for them. Would it be better to not receive anything at all? Or provide them with your own list to avoid any type of anxiety? Not avoiding issues here, but these are some tips that I don’t always stand by, but they seem to work. Check out Ebay! They have a new gifting section, FYI. Start early. Because waiting to be showered with gifts... Read More

10 Investment Worthy Bags On Sale

Chanel bag     The best time to invest in a great handbag is right now. There are lots of sales going on, from designer to mass market, and if you are rough on your bags like I am, it is the perfect time to upgrade. I know shopping can get boring, but let’s face it.  As much as we want things to stay the same, with time, your carry alls don’t look as good as they used to look. While I love clothing, I am especially fond of accessories because they make your outfit pop. As a result, I invest in bags that probably will go with just about anything. Leather bags have the most staying power, while suede and faux fur not so much. Here... Read More

Savvy Addition, Black and Brown Styled Together

Vince leather jacket, Shop similar Minnie Rose sweater LPA velvet trousers Zara boots, Shop similar YSL bag     There are so many fashion rules out there, too many to list, and so many to break. Wearing white after Labor Day. Who abides by that anymore? Another fashion rule, don’t wear socks with sandals. I am all for keeping warm in the winter. Don’t wear miniskirts after age 40. Have you seen Sofia Coppola lately? Match your shoes to your bag and belt. While it’s good to have a uniform, I can’t imagine something more unappealing. In addition, I am big believer in wearing what looks good on you. And only you. Because I am told something, doesn’t mean it’s right. Just recently, I have been updating... Read More

Cyber Monday Top Picks

Ulla Johnson sweater Saint Laurent vintage blazer Brixton cap Khaite stirrup leggings Need Supply slingbacks Muun bag     Let’s get real here. You bought some things on Black Friday but now, IT’S REALLY REALLY SALE SEASON. Have you noticed I get particularly excited when I write about sales? Good, at least you are paying attention. I only realized it recently, but upon very little reflection I’ve come to the conclusion that it stems from my very genuine excitement at the prospect of discounts. I still get a kick when I shop at Century 21, head to Woodbury Commons, or grab a deal like these on Cyber Monday.  On the flip side, are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything that is on sale? Same... Read More

Black Friday Steals Worth Shopping

LPA camel sweater Vintage denim jacket SHOP SIMILAR  3×1 white jeans Sam Edelman leopard booties Chanel bag     It’s that time of year again when the sales are popping up left and right and the money is steadily flowing from your pockets for holiday gifts. Yes, Black Friday can be hell, but it can be great. Some people line up for hours at huge department stores across the United States. This phenomenon is unheard of anywhere else in the world. That’s why ever since I heard about people getting trampled over, I vowed only to shop online. This season, some of these deals are offered in-store only. In addition, I love online shopping and fast shipping compared with dealing with the crowds and scrambling to get... Read More

Holiday 2017 Gift Guide Edition For Her

River Island coat Madewell cross body bag Net a Porter nighttime holiday gift set Magda Butryn hoop earrings Minnie Rose cashmere slippers Ambeur luggage set Aromatherapy oil Bruno Cuccinelli infinity scarf Annie Sisteron necklace, shop similar Velvet gloves There are so many things to love about the holidays. Catching up with friends and family, celebrating the good times, and forgetting about the bad. And note, the annual Net a Porter sale is on and smoking hot! The holidays are a special time of year. First Thanksgiving, then Black Friday deals, and all of a sudden, its the The only thing I could do without is the all the RUSH shopping in such a short period of time. I love shopping, especially online because you can avoid the... Read More
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