Dusty Pink Florals

Ahh Fall. The season of crisp blue sky mornings, the smell of apples, off-the-shoulder chunky sweaters, pumpkin spiced-lattes, and cool nights. There’s just something so magical about the season. For me, when the days get a little shorter, and the air gets a little bit colder, I turn my attention to the art of layering.  I can recall when I was in high school, on my walks to and from home, the beauty of fall. Even back then, I loved wearing fall clothing. My go-to everyday uniform consisted of high-waisted jeans, a fluffy mohair sweater, a denim jacket, and clogs. And not much has changed.  For sure, football games and fall clothing were my jam. Not my homework. Now that my summer whites put away, my favorite... Read More

Parisian Style

French women have a timeless quality that’s hard to put into words. It’s a combination of not looking like they tried and somehow appearing perfectly put-together. Unfair as it seems, they do have a leg up in the fashion universe. It’s not something that can be readily taught, but there are tricks to make it look easy. The French are as chic as can be. Women I emulate, see Caroline de Maigret, Emmanuelle Alt, and Carla Bruni, all embrace a je ne sais quoi. And, and they’re all over age 40. Not only that, but they seem to get cooler by the decade. Parisian style always wins in the style game and I look to them to embrace that in my life. Even through I didn’t get to... Read More

Indian Summer

Isabel Marant top, SHOP SIMILAR JW Anderson vest Linda Farrow sunglasses Miguelina skirt Donni Charm scarf as belt Postino bag, SHOP SIMILAR string tote You wake up, pull out your iPhone, check for messages, in addition to brewing the coffee, and getting ready for work. Due to the tight time constraints, who has time to mull over what to wear? Nobody has the time. And, to save even more precious time, I regularly screenshot great outfit ideas on my phone to pull inspiration. What happens when you leave the office sticky and sweaty? The weather is going through more changes than a mood ring. So what’s a fashionista to do? It’s currently 86 degrees in NYC. No, this blog isn’t to announce the Fashion Hunter’s new... Read More

How To Pee in A Gingham Jumpsuit During NY Fashion Week

Asos gingham jumpsuit Isa Tapia red sandals Nannacay basket bag     How to pee in a gingham jumpsuit during NY fashion week First of all, I probably grabbed your attention due to the nature of this title, but it’s a subject that might sound taboo but it’s real. The short answer to the longer question, is you don’t. Getting dressed in a major rush is super difficult and getting undressed with back zipper, forget it. I found that hotels, and hotel restaurant owners were the kindest in this manner. Also, when you finally get to that bathroom, all jumpsuits rest on the floor of the stall. So, that’s gross. As much as I have to go to the bathroom, I have learned my lesson... Read More

Seeing Dots

    From reality to real life. Most of the time, somebody walks right in front of the camera which makes for great laughs. And people watching. It’s my favorite past time. Shop the shoes and jeans      New York fashion week was such a blast. It was a whirlwind of rushing to and from shows, waiting endlessly on lines in heels, wearing my favorite looks, and  also, spending a lot of money on transportation. As much as New York becomes a mad traffic jam due to the throngs of attendees, another benefit is that everyone is a bit more understanding. Yet one of the my top sellers about the event, is not the circus acts, but forging connections. Furthermore, I have met so... Read More

5 Fashion Week Must Have Items

Believe it or not, New York fashion week is in T-minus 1 day and I am starting to get my life / closet together. Summer is hard to let go, but having the Fall season front and center gets me pumped year after year. The one thing I can always count on is that fashion never gets boring. Ditch the bikinis, now is the time to get camera ready. New York City will soon be a stampede of posh editors, bloggers, stylists, buyers, and shutterbugs. Not one for the weary, this said circus will be invading your favorite cafés, cameras in hand. To be honest, I have no idea of what I will actually be wearing on any given day. It depends on my mood... Read More

One Shoulder

Hi – Happy Friday! Today on the Fashion Hunter, I am sharing the not so news of the glory of the one shoulder. The past few seasons, the one shoulder trend has reached a fever pitch. It has been taking over your feed, your friend’s feed, and, of course your closet. The look, reserved formerly reserved for theme parties, has elevated to a style so prevalent, it’s almost harder to find a top that doesn’t reveal a good foot of one clavicle. In fact, these tops are not a new invention. All you have to do is search images of movie stars from the 50s for evidence. Think: Lucille Ball, Brigitte Bardot, Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly, the original collarbone queens! These women collectively proved that a parenthetical swoop... Read More

Band Tee Shirts

Nighttrain No.8 band t-shirt, SHOP SIMILAR  Asos skirt SHOP SIMILAR Cult Gaia bag Robert Clergerie sandals Hello, and Happy Friday! It’s been too long since I flexed my shopping muscles, if you were concerned they were atrophying. I am enjoying the long summer days outside spent at the beach. Which means spending less time inside stores or online. I also have been purging my closets of late, and wearing all my wardrobe favorites. Band tee shirts have become a fashion staple in my wardrobe, and this one from Nighttrain No.8 is no exception. If you love music and fashion this one new tee shirt will blow you away. Shirts that embrace powerful slogans, Patience, a word I need more of. I was lucky to meet the... Read More
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