A Few of My Favorite Things For Summer 2020

Dress: Danielle Bernstein Sunglasses: Etnia Barcelona Bracelet: Aurate Shoes: Co      A Few of My Favorite Things I love many things. Along my journey as a woman, as a wife, mama, and a creative, my various passions are the threads of my life’s fabric. But if I had to choose the one singular spark that ignites me, and fills me with a sense of unspeakable joy, connectedness, community and love, it would have to be the act of creating and storytelling. I love storytelling through the clothes and gold necklaces I wear. Also, cooking is one of those simple pleasures that I create every day, which brings me joy when meals are created. And I know, I am not alone in this idea. One... Read More

What to Wear in Summer 2020

Dress: Innika Choo Bag: JW Pei, shop similar This summer is going to look quite different than many others we have experienced. I’m well aware that this summer isn’t going to be a “typical summer.” To start, we will probably be social distancing from each other and wearing face masks. Nonetheless, I thought I’d share some of my favorite products to get ready to be seen. First of all, we’ve all been cooped up in our homes these last few months and perhaps not wearing anything but loungewear, or to be honest, shopping at all. But I am ready to go out at least to enjoy a cocktail while the sun sets. Let’s approach summer 2020 with the same style and grace as summer 2019. Toss... Read More

Mother’s Day Ideas that Will Bring You Virtually Closer

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday- eek! and I thought I’d give some direction relative to my expectations this year, I have none, as well as some feedback on several previous Mother’s Day efforts. On a typical Mothers Day, I would spend time with my mom, as we treated ourselves to a day at a spa, take a yoga class, or a walk, followed by a reservation at an amazing restaurant of choice with my entire family. Yes, Mother’s Day traditions will look a lot different this year. I have also come up with some Mother’s Day ideas that will bring you virtually closer. Mother’s Day Ideas That Will Bring You Virtually Closer  I don’t live far away from  my mom, but this year I won’t be... Read More

DIY Tie Dye

Tie-dye has long had a crunchy nomadic reputation. There’s that good ole fashion hippy-dippy kind, done in a bathtub with dyes from who knows where. And lately, there has been a surge of elevated tie dye everything that inspired me to do my own. These at-home DIY kits that are sky rocketing on the internet, take a few hours to complete, so set aside the time and get creating. The DIY tie dye approach – which comes packed with goodwill-incentives is the perfect stay-at-home style trick to while away your time. What could be bad about learning a new skill and bring some fresh technicolor into your wardrobe in the process?   While tie dye had a brief renaissance in the ’90s (when surfer style and... Read More

Love in the Time of Covid, A Dispatch from Day 20 of Quarantine

Sweatshirt n. Philathropy Sweatpants Frank & Eileen      This is my take on love in the time of Covid a dispatch from day 20 of quarantine. I have been sitting here for over two weeks trying to detangle the wires about the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a strange mixture of normalcy and emergency that I am experiencing. I constantly feel like I am either over or underreacting or really, both, at the same time. The panic and the honeymoon phase of social distancing is over. It is currently midday on April 2nd, and I am living with my teenage girls and husband in the woods of Long Island 24/7. By the time you read this, I think it’s going to be Friday, but I’m writing it... Read More

Big Collars Are Micro-Trending for Spring 2020

What will the 2020s bring us? At the start of a new decade, the world is unsure. In fact, people are freaked out. There’s the impending doom of climate change, political upheaval in the U.S. and abroad, and a new and extremely scary virus spreading across the world, just to start. But I am looking on the bright side. Besides the negativity streaming across my instagram feed, there is another trend that although seems small, is anything but. Everywhere I turn, larger-than-life oversize collars are stealing the limelight. And my heart. Big collars are micro-trending for Spring 2020. Big collars are Micro-Trending for Spring 2020 Together with large sharply pointed ’70s disco collars on the runways over blazers, there was the frill. Today, I am focusing... Read More

25 Gifts for Valentines Day Better than a Box of Chocolate

Calling all husbands, boyfriends, and lovers! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to make some game-time decisions when it comes to gifting. You definitely can’t go wrong with giving chocolates or rose bouquets. Why go the boring route? There are so many fashion and beauty gifts out there deserving of your attention. And, I am here to make your life stress-free. Send this link over to your significant other or for yourself to make your shopping way less daunting and way more fun! Plus, if you really nail it in the gift department, you’ll be raising the bar for future gifts that come your way. Here are 25 gifts for Valentines day better than a box of chocolate. 25 Gifts for Valentines Day better than... Read More
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