Mother’s Day Ideas that Will Bring You Virtually Closer

Mothers Day Ideas That will bring you virtually closer

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday- eek! and I thought I’d give some direction relative to my expectations this year, I have none, as well as some feedback on several previous Mother’s Day efforts. On a typical Mothers Day, I would spend time with my mom, as we treated ourselves to a day at a spa, take a yoga class, or a walk, followed by a reservation at an amazing restaurant of choice with my entire family. Yes, Mother’s Day traditions will look a lot different this year. I have also come up with some Mother’s Day ideas that will bring you virtually closer.

Mother’s Day Ideas That Will Bring You Virtually Closer 

I don’t live far away from  my mom, but this year I won’t be spending more than a socially distant hour with her. I will stop by her house on Sunday to say hello with a homemade lemon olive oil cake in hand. Because all I have been doing is cooking. And if it’s nice enough to sit outside, we can have a socially distant picnic. Many of you live far away from your Mother or aren’t allowed to see her this year, so here are some gift ideas to bring a smile to her face. Second of all, I like these too. Hint, hint.

A Gift Card  

Don’t forget the flowers. Because nothing says, “Holy shit, I forgot it was Mother’s Day,” like a bunch of purple tulips purchased from a bodega Sunday morning en route home from nowhere.

Oh, and the cards.  So sweet. These are so thoughtful! I know I told you that was all I wanted.  And that it was the thought that counted, or that I didn’t really need anything.  And while that may have been true before, quarantine happened.

A Virtual Mani Pedi Hair Color Zoom lesson

During these years in quarantine, I have been cooking, scrubbing, closet-cleaning, sweeping, bed-making, dishwashing, vacuuming, vacuuming, vacuuming, mopping, child-washing and grooming, toilet bowl cleaning, wound-tending and all kinds of pioneer-woman shit.  And I am fried! Fried! My hair and nails are positively feral. No matter how many times I wash my hands they still smell like old sponge. I would trade all our Clorox disinfectant wipes for a pedicure.  My sweat pants fit like tights and quarantine has sucked all the joy out of drinking alone in my closet, no matter how early I start. The time is now to support your local hair dressers and manicure salons. Buy them a gift card! Or shop online.

In short, I need a boost. So this Mother’s Day, my advice is go big or go home. Or given current circumstances, get out.

Mother’s Day traditions will look a little different this year unless you and your mom are accustomed to celebrating virtually over a Zoom call. If you want to do something special for your favorite motherly figures on Sunday, May 10, without breaking social distancing guidelines, take advantage of ordering from one of her favorite restaurants, drink some wine, have some coffee, and call it Mothers Day in quarantini.



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