Spring Essentials

Spring Essentials While I work in fashion, I don’t shop nearly as much as I used to. Maybe it’s that I’ve matured and honed my signature style, or maybe I’ve simply become more budget conscious, but either way, I just don’t accumulate as much stuff as I once did. To... Read More

Denim Addicted

There is a truth about being addicted to denim. Much like diamonds, denim is forever. Denim is a beloved textile. It’s been around forever, super comfortable, easy to wash, and looks good on everyone. Part of its enduring legacy is due to designers reimagining it every season. A basic pair of jeans will... Read More

Neon Carnival

Wearing: Ellery jacket AG jeans Cotton Citizen sweatshirt Celine bag Fendi denim strap Isabel Marant boots   Is it just me, or is the future looking pretty bright?  Designers dipped their toes back into fluorescent waters for spring, both for day, and for night. Neon brights have rapidly infiltrated the fashion... Read More

Spring Ahead

Spring is New York always feels like it is a month behind. Today we mark the Spring Equinox, the first official day of Spring. It will be a true surprise if we have a day over 50 degrees. On the heels of a quick trip to Los Angeles where Spring... Read More

Pretty in Pink

Jacquemus off-the-shoulder top Lou cropped jean white sneakers MCM structured statement bag I am no longer floored by the vagaries of the weather. March brings high’s of 60 and lows of 30 degrees and getting dressed can be stifling. But now that Spring will officially arrive by the end of the... Read More

Iced Coffee

Nude tones, like the current favorite aptly named, Iced coffee are on my radar right now. These warm soft tones are an elegant alternative to this season’s bold colors and prints. If the thought of wearing neutral shades leaves you feeling washed out, take heed. My advice? Incorporate neutrals into your... Read More

Spring Forward

If this past week was any indication, Spring is approaching quickly. If I were to describe Spring as a personality, I would have to say that Spring is moody and funky, and can be extremely fickle and unpredictable. Last week we reached a high of 75 degrees and today, it’s... Read More

Lighten Your Step

There are a lot of things that make me happy about spring. Pretty flowers are in bloom; temperatures have finally reached a livable range; an iced coffee, and then, of course, there’s the thing you perhaps look forward to most during the warm season: the shoes. After months spent cramped inside boots, my feet... Read More

Transition Dressing

I went to the Tribeca Film festival last week with a friend who is a film buff. We found this great wall of LOVE, so on our way downtown, we decided to take some snaps right in front. Here are just a few things about why I love New York:... Read More

My Wish List

Fashion speaks a universal language, but not all cities give off the same vibe. As a New Yorker, I am used to wearing mostly black as that resonates with city streets and urban living. Recently I have been on a all-denim-all-the-time kick, and pairing it with black is just so... Read More