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blazerblazerSpring Essentials

While I work in fashion, I don’t shop nearly as much as I used to. Maybe it’s that I’ve matured and honed my signature style, or maybe I’ve simply become more budget conscious, but either way, I just don’t accumulate as much stuff as I once did. To be clear: I’m no Marie Kondo. Just one look at my bathroom cabinet would confirm that. And I still do love shopping. But now that I work from home, I’ve learned how to live with less clothing — so when new seasonal trends emerge, I try to see what I can do with what I already have. I challenged myself to put together on-trend outfits for spring 2019 shopping only from my closet. Trust me, if this fashion hoarder can do it, so can you. You only really need some spring essentials. I have become a lover of elevated basics.

Start with One Piece You Love

When it comes to putting an outfit together, I always start with my favorite pieces. That usually dictates the rest of the look, and also depends on my mood. I like to start with my footwear. I care a lot about not being wasteful and try to be mindful of my purchases. Take for example, this black blazer. I got it at a steal, at a sample sale many years ago and its my go-to light-weight blazer for this in-between weather.

pink slidesspring denim

spring essentials

Shop my favorite black blazers


peplum top

Add a top over your T-shirt

Add a pair of your favorite denim

I like the standard straight leg these days with a bit of a flair. Also trending, lighter denim. I am already a fan.


spring essentialsAdd accessories that add a bit of a surprise. Woven bags are too good to only pull out in the summer months, so I added mine. I like a square as its a unusual shape. Also a pop of pink in the shoes, and a pair of large circle earrings finish the look.

Shop pink slides

Shop basket bags 


Save the Earth 

This just speaks to me and so many negative things about wasteful shopping. I now have a wardrobe I can build upon filled with great basics. Occasionally I throw in a trendy piece here and there because eventually, it will come back. Hence all this tie dye that is now clogging up your inboxes!


Photos Lydia Hudgens


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