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Are We Mourning Street Style Death

This past week, Vogue.com’s editors compiled a story on the high and low points of Milan Fashion Week. Discussing fashion in this style is nothing new within a publication, but, are we mourning street style death as we know it? I think we just might be. Read on. The editors... Read More

Three Outfits to Steal for The Weekend

Weekend is upon us and you’re in weather-confused limbo – what do you wear? There comes a time, and it usually happens on a summer Friday when you don’t have the drive, nor the desire to get dressed in the morning. You just want to stay in your pyjamas and... Read More

Living in Denim

I’m not here to blog about the weather. We do have to get dressed in it’s various moods and Spring happens to be transitional and fussy. One day it’s super warm, like this past Saturday, and the next day its like today, Psych! Just kidding. It’s back to its gloomy... Read More

Street Style From New York Fashion Week

In case you feel like you have nothing to wear, yeah, it’s supposed to snow again today, and the winter doldrums are getting you down, don’t fret. I find the fact that these women can get dressed in below freezing temps and pull together these brilliant outfits in no time, quite... Read More

Fur is the Accessory of the Hour

I should’ve been a furrier. So far this winter has logged in 56473848 snow storms and in 2014 I would’ve made some good money. In recent years past, we had mellow and temperate winters, so I might not have struck gold, but I digress. Based on the recent Polar Vortex,... Read More

It’s Time!

Fashion Week started yesterday!! @^&%$#!!!! As I’m sifting through email and party Evites come rolling in, absolutely the last thing I want to fret about is what to wear. Labor Day has come and gone and although I have a sense of nostalgia and will continue to wear white pants, (there... Read More

Generation Who?

Photo: Jak & Jill  Coined Generation X, I am living the “ironic” life of a Generation Y-er, while parenting children that are proud members of Generation Z, the iGeneration, or the Net Generation. I read a very provocative online article in last week’s New York Times Oped Section titled How to... Read More

LFW: On The Streets

The truth lies within who you are wearing. Or does it? Mere days after New York Fashion Week has ended– the in-crowd already attending shows in London and Milan– there have been some quips in the industry about street style photography, who is qualified to get their picture taken, and why.... Read More

What I Wore

Here we are, wrapping up the week that was NY Fashion Week Spring 2013. Down below is an assemblage of outfits, a public service announcement, on what I wore last week. It is a brief selection from the inner working of my closet, taken from my iPhone, scrambled together to... Read More

On the Fashion Grid

The Paris couture shows were last week and sometimes you need a jolt, in the form of a visual kick in your brain just to keep it rolling along and the energy on the up and up. Personally, I have been living in all sorts of denim and bikini tops this being... Read More