It’s Time!

Fashion Week started yesterday!! @^&%$#!!!!

As I’m sifting through email and party Evites come rolling in, absolutely the last thing I want to fret about is what to wear. Labor Day has come and gone and although I have a sense of nostalgia and will continue to wear white pants, (there are still 20 days left of summer), I am looking forward to fall and what the new season has to bring.

My “OMG I have nothing to wear!” stress started to loom a few days ago when I realized there was a strong possibility that I was not going to look the way I should, and everybody else was doing it right. In pre-planning all my outfits, I can’t be sure what I am wearing will be on trend. But that type of stress seems silly when you think of NYFW as nothing more than loosely scheduled 10-minute increments of tall people walking to and from Lincoln Center and Milk Studios trying to catch a ride.

Following up on my frenzied panic, I checked out some street style blogs that always trigger the imagination. And although Fashion Week has been likened to the Hunger Games, I’m here to tell you that it’s only getting dressed, it’s not rocket science.

This season I am not pre-shopping or pre-planning for Fashion Week as in years past. I never actually end up wearing the stuff I buy because I’m buying it for one thematic purpose which, surprise, isn’t actually that purposeful when all is said and worn. Starting tonight, I’ll be off the fashion grid eating apples and honey but come Friday, will be hitting the ground running. Clearly I needed a kick in the literal buttocks post Labor Day weekend with some closet organization and street style blog inspiration.

The street style circus that is Fashion Week has and always will turn heads. I am leaning more towards emulating the French women who knows something that we don’t. Or just look like they do. I have no idea what it is. But I think we can all agree  it’s the je ne seis quoi thing about them. They always look completely well, perfect.

There’s the simple style of Carine Roitfeld. I bet she’s not pre-planning Fashion Week looks.


The epitome of French style. Just a T-shirt and jeans.


Who has the ultimate style? Duh, Emmanuelle Alt.


Street Style from Stockholm

Before I dive in to the constant stimulation of what lies ahead, I think about what remains with me post-Fashion Week. Of course the clothes that just whiz by, the designers, the old friends, but the spectacle, and the music–these are the things that hit you in the moment. Nothing is more important to a fashion show than the music. Here’s a taste of what might be a runway favorite.

See you at the tents!


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