Five Ways to De-Stress before Thanksgiving

It’s T minus 1 day, where T equals the most anticipated home-cooked meal in the country’s collective consciousness. But that doesn’t mean you have that long to morph into Martha Stewart and host a holiday party that would put a pilgrim to shame. Do everyone a favor and dial down the... Read More

The Camel Lot

Lately, I have been craving camel in all sorts of itinerations. In search of what to wear? Camel will always work, but it’s far from basic. Over at The Outnet, there is a page dedicated to camel right now. Call this the Camel Lot. Get it? Wearing any head-to-toe look can... Read More

Memorial Day Sales

My love for summer knows no bounds, and while some mark Memorial Day as the beginning of summer Fridays and warmer climes, I also look forward to the annual sale season. Yes, its Memorial Day SALE time, and it can get serious. There are over 40 online deals, just in... Read More

Frieze Art Fair

Have you finally recovered from Art Basel? Too bad, because it’s the Frieze Art Fair in New York City. Art Fairs are a gateway to introduce people to the world of art, and nowhere is that more prevalent than Frieze New York in Randalls Island. With just under 200 galleries split into four sectors —... Read More

Spring 2014 Ads

There is no better time for the release of the Spring Ad season than bitter cold mid-January. Besides injecting myself with vitamin C in the form of kale, blueberries, and orange juice, the sun won’t loan me UV rays anytime soon in the Northern Hemisphere. So, here’s to looking at... Read More

January 1 2014

I am going to consume under 500 calories a day. No more wine. No new designer shoes in the year 2014. In fact no shoes the entire year. I will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am going to finish two books a week. Sound familiar? I hate New Year’s resolutions. We... Read More

The Latest Fashion Trend

The fashion folk started a trend last spring that continues to spark the imagination of trend-setting women worldwide. Feathers! Feathers are fabulous. They help embellish collars, add high style to cocktail dresses, spark bohemian jewelry, and are used as hair accessories for both adults and kids. They are a statement... Read More

The Venice Biennale

  For hundreds of years, writers and travelers have marveled at the beauty of Venice and sung the praises of the city of wonder. If ever a city has been the quintessential example of beauty and grace, love and magical pleasures, that city is Venice. Venice, only approached by sea, emerges before your eyes with domes... Read More

Amy Winehouse Rest in Peace

  Amy Winehouse.  A legendary vocalist. A fashionista.  A lost soul, lost way too young. At the tender age of 27, she will be remembered not only for her incredible contributions to music, but her signature crazy style. Throughout her years, she was an inspiration to many designers, editors, and stylists.... Read More