Five Ways to De-Stress before Thanksgiving

It’s T minus 1 day, where T equals the most anticipated home-cooked meal in the country’s collective consciousness. But that doesn’t mean you have that long to morph into Martha Stewart and host a holiday party that would put a pilgrim to shame. Do everyone a favor and dial down the pressure on the whole she-bang. If you’re feeling stressed and flustered, that’s the vibe you give your gathering. And let’s face it, there’s enough drama around the holidays without party performance anxiety. Here are Five ways to de-stress before Thanksgiving.

This is to keep you and your guests feeling — what’s that? — thankful for this occasion.

1. Listen to Adele. For those who watched it, “Saturday Night Live” showed that, regardless of political beliefs at the Thanksgiving table, there’s one thing that everyone can appreciate these days: Adele’s “Hello.”

Adele Hello

2. Unplug and meditate. You have prepared as much as you possibly can by shopping, prepping, and setting the table. Thanksgiving dinner is a meal that is very well suited to making ahead. Minimize your work on Thanksgiving day because you want to enjoy people. You don’t want to be sweating and running around stressed. Take 10 minutes out of your day to chill. Be mindful. Stay calm.



3. Take a bubble bath.

I find that a bubble bath totally relaxes me. I imagine the stress in my body and my mind melting away. I take a steaming hot bath and then turn the cold water on to rinse. The changing body temperatures plus wonderful smelling soapy suds allow for a spa-like experience.

bubble bath

4. Stay Healthy

Stress during the day leads to increased levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the evening, so getting zzz’s may become difficult. Get eight hours even if you are up late cooking. Enlist your family to help by cleaning the dishes and keeping quiet past your bedtime. That being said, eat your cruciferous vegetables and fruits to keep your energy and body balanced before the guests arrive.

ways to decrease stress


5. Stay Active

Take a walk, dance, exercise. Anything to stay active.  I know that once my cooking is done, I will want to put my feet up so first thing in the AM I will go for a walk and save up energy to dance with my guests later in the evening. Dance. Dance . Dance.


Photo: Lydia Hudgens


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