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Stephanie Unter is a New York based wardrobe stylist. In 1991 she began her journey as a fashion editor at Ladies Home Journal. Stephanie continued her career by working as a market editor, trend analyst, and ultimately, a fashion stylist. Her wide array of styling skills have been applied to editorial, advertising, and personal styling. Stephanie’s styling work has been featured in LHJ, Mirabella Magazine, Elle Magazine, Manhattan File, Rolling Stone, J. Crew and others. Today, Stephanie continues her work as a stylist, while managing her fashion blog, New York Fashion Hunter.

“The thing I liked best about working with Stephanie is that it helped me find the fun in fashion and I could relax at the party with the anxiety of wondering if I was dressed appropriately.”

“I would recommend Stephanie Unter to anyone because she worked hard to get my accessories on time, on budget and I looked like I spent a million bucks.” read more

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