How to Recharge and Be Happy in the New Year

I love beginnings. They inspire me to start over, refresh, and press the pause button. Like to start of a new job, a new friendship, a new year are a time to reflect on the good and the bad that has happened and try to reinvent the wheel. I think about what worked, what didn’t, and try to build from there. I don’t like resolutions because, they never work. I used to make long lists of #goals that I wanted to achieve, get to the gym every day, land a dream career, but never completed them because they are always too lofty. So I have narrowed down my list to what I really can accomplish by taking baby steps. Last year, I was determined to get rid of plastic bags, answer five minute emails that take five minutes or less, and set a timer when in work mode, and my resolutions worked. Beyond the usual suspects — shedding some pounds, saving more money and making time to meditate, I have a few specific resolutions to add to your list. Whether it’s donating the clothes you never wear or adopting a healthy skincare regimen, there’s no better time than now to give bad habits a much-needed overhaul. For 2016, my goals are to stop buying into trends and enjoy experiences versus fast fashionHere are my tips on how to recharge and be happy in the new year.

how to recharge and find happiness in the new year

1. Invest the time to organize your calendar.

Plan your week ahead of time and keep appointments, notes, and to-do lists all together. I keep mine digitally, but buying a planner works just as well.


2. Shift Your Thinking.

Changing the way you think about the world can change your life. Reflect on the limits you experience from old judgements and expectations and open your mind to embrace positivity. Positive thinking is a successful strategy for improving your quality of life. I have made it an effort to meditate, do yoga, or just be calm to allow my mind to focus on my strengths and accomplishments rather than weaknesses and setbacks.

be happy in the new year


3. Establish short and long term goals.

What are your goals in 2016? How about in the next five years? Ten years? To be able to visualize that far ahead can be challenging, so I like to start with short-term planning for the year ahead to concentrate my efforts. That helps me organize my time and resources to make the best of my life. I would like to maintain a healthy balance between work and family, and create joy by doing the things I love to do.

4. Focus on building social connections.

Social interaction is a great stress reliever. Stay in touch with friends, show up for family get-togethers, volunteer just because. Strengthen old bonds and build new ones and make it a priority. Friendships are super important and a certain stage in our lives, friendships because even more important in our lives. Yes, it takes time and effort, but it is well worth it. Real friendships are more important than having lots of friends.

happy new year


5. Get Enough Sleep

Being tired can hurt your health, both mentally and physically. If your aren’t getting enough shut-eye, don’t let the problem persist. Explore strategies to get a good night’s sleep. For me, shutting down the blue light on my phone works wonders, putting on a sleep mask sprayed with lavender is the bomb, and rewarding myself for a day well-deserved helps me fall asleep faster.


6. Invest in Classic Pieces

I have said this numerous times, but I have yet to empty my closet of all the fast trends I have bought into. Don’t spend your hard earned dough on trendy clothes that you’ll be sick of after a season or two. Invest in classic pieces like a great jacket or black cashmere sweater that you’ll have forever.

classic holiday style

…And there it is .. Happy new year everyone! Thank you to everyone who contributed to my site over the past year. I am grateful for all you do! Here is a toast to coming along on the ride. Wishing you all a healthy and happy start to the new year!! xo

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