Cozy and Warm

With winter comes steamy mugs of hot chocolate, snowflake piled window sills, cherry red decorations and the smell of fresh balsam burning in the fireplace. Those are the positive traits. Refocusing on the positive is one of my resolutions. Old man winter does come with some negative behaviors. Namely, dry peeling skin, limited sunlight, therefore not enough Vitamin D, and lack of energy to do almost anything not to venture out in to the arctic blasts. But let’s pretend that winter is your favorite holiday. I am pulling out my softest sweaters, tallest boots and coziest scarves and suggest you do the same. Winter will be here awhile. One of my favorite things about winter? Comfort. Save all your tight tees and short skirts for summer. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun getting dressed as you did during the warmer months. In fact, as much as I love a one-and-done sundress, the endless layering possibilities that come with the chill of winter kick the sartorial part of our brain into high gear. Still not sure what to wear? Use the looks below as a guide where I paired a cozy sweater with a pastel hat, off-white jeans, and a pink bag for some soft-spoken umph to the neutral greys and blacks of the city streets. Here is how to stay cozy and warm for the upcoming coldest months of the year. Brrrrr.

cozy and warm


cozy and warm

The Lemon Collections hat / sleepy-time sweater 

Super by Retrosuperfuture sunglasses

Topshop jeans

Lanvin flats

Shaffer LA bag

cozy and warm



Photos: Lydia Hudgens

Happy Monday~! xo

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