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The Paris couture shows were last week and sometimes you need a jolt, in the form of a visual kick in your brain just to keep it rolling along and the energy on the up and up. Personally, I have been living in all sorts of denim and bikini tops this being summer and all, but give me a pair of wide-leg trousers from Chanel, or a pencil skirt a la Dior any day and I can get down with that. The wild rampage of creativity comes from Paris but let’s not forget this fact: couture clothing is made exclusively for rich women that spend upwards of the price of a month’s rent in a downtown loft for that piece of well, exclusivity. And I say that with a hint of resignation. Couture is not looked upon as a reliable trend source. For me and countless others, it’s the street style that turns heads and most likely makes copycats out of us fashion bloggers (he he). But hey, that’s the beauty of real life instant photojournalists who make a living from doing just that. Trendforecasters behold! Here comes a refresher course on what happens on and off the Rue de Rivoli. Oh and Karl, I’ll take that track suit in dégradé sequins just in case nobody wants it. Peek below for street style high-fashion inspiration from the City of Light. I promise, it’s your one-way ticket to appreciate hasthag chic to next lev, apparently.

No commentary required.

Holy Glitterati!

Mixing lace with side track pants and a Celine bag. Ooh La la.. now sit back and enjoy the show. xxoo

All images courtesy of Mr. Newton

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