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Are We Mourning Street Style Death

This past week,’s editors compiled a story on the high and low points of Milan Fashion Week. Discussing fashion in this style is nothing new within a publication, but, are we mourning street style death as we know it? I think we just might be. Read on.

The editors chatted amongst themselves about the amazingness and avant-garde chic of Pradaand the new Gucci revolution with the monarchic look back in style. However, the runways weren’t the only things on their minds. Within the piece, the editors of the fashion bible expressed their contempt for bloggers and mocked their outfit changes and outright advertising. Specifically, a bevy of streetwear stars and clothes they put on to stop traffic and paparazzi. She goes on to say “It’s a schizophrenic moment, and that just can’t be good. (Note to bloggers who change head-to-toe, paid-to-wear outfits every hour: Please stop. Find another business. You are heralding the death of style.)”  Read on as this went down right before Paris fashion week.

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are we mourning street style death

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As a former magazine editor, I can appreciate the benefits of having a name like behind my back. The brand is way bigger than one individual. Paid advertisements are needed as much on a magazine spread as they are on a bloggers home page. Money is what pays the bills. In addition, brands send products to magazine editors all day long. It is no different than brands paying their loyalty to bloggers. Brands loan or gift clothing for bloggers to wear. Bloggers are occasionally paid to showcase certain brands when these said brands want to be more popular. Consequently, with that, comes a form of personal style. Therefore, peacocking occurs in all its forms no matter whose doing it. It is the same concept.

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The story’s conclusion is moot, and yet to be determined. This is an ever competitive media market vying for the next best thing. Print may go down before bloggers can be placed into any category, as they are the one making meaningful personal connections with their readers. Especially relevant, which never goes out of fashion, is to stay true to yourself and remain authentic. The industry may do swirls around you, but it is of paramount importance to believe in yourself. Discuss.

are we mourning street style death

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