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new york fashion hunter
I am Stephanie Unter.  New York Fashion Hunter, my alter ego, is a groovy and chic blog/website, that offers a glimpse of the world through the eyes of  an obsessed style hound. Clothes horse. Shoe snob. Bag lady. Hunting the globe for the latest in style and fashion inspiration, it’s where I get in touch with my inner fashionista.

why a hunter?

hunter |ˈhən(t)ər|noun

1. a person or animal that hunts: a deer hunter.• a person searching for something: a bargain hunter.

I have seen it all. I worked for major magazines like Mirabella, ElleLadies Home Journal, as a fashion and beauty editor. I worked at Barneys New York producing ads. I worked as an independent fashion stylist on sets in various locations around the world for companies from Keds to Calvin Klein. I worked as a closet consultant, editing the closets of many clients and updating their look. (see my resume)

I can dress you up, dress you down, whether you are a company, a web site, or just a gal around town. I walk the walk. I am a fashion lover. Always have been, always will be. Yes, it’s my obsession.

Give me a shout, a call, an email, a Facebook message, a tweet.  Email: Nyfashionhunter@me.com.

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