Ruffle Mania

Fall est arrivé. Summer has abandoned us for cooler temps, shorter days, cozy sweaters, and butternut squash. I am also embracing my fondness for ruffles. Ruffle Mania has taken over the fashion world and I want it all.
Change allows us to people forward and embrace the moment, but it never hurts to look back at the mistakes. In the words of Kanye, “you learn the most from your mistakes.” My mind, body, and soul, like most of us, has changed over the past five years. Change is good! And in the name of style, I have learned from many fashion mistakes. My flavor in fashion has run the gamut from wearing ill-fitting clothing just because they were cool, to embracing color that doesn’t fit the bill.

Now that I have learned the ropes, I have finally remained true to one particular style, my style. And my love of ruffles. Because I love ruffles so much, I continue to wear them with verve and panache. Worn with denim, as a skirt, on shoes, they make an outfit pop. Ruffles are meant to make a statement, so wearing one at a time is the norm. I like to step out of my comfort zone and embrace something new. Like wearing a few ruffles at a time. The current fashion shows in Milan are showing ruffles, and as a result, I can fit right in with all of this ruffle mania.


ruffle mania

Wearing: Pixie Market white bell-sleeve top

Milly peplum shirt

MiH jeans (patched myself)

Prada shoes

Fallon wrap choker

Celine sunglasses

ruffle mania

ruffle mania

ruffle mania

ruffle mania


All photos: H.B. Media

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