Living in Denim

I’m not here to blog about the weather. We do have to get dressed in it’s various moods and Spring happens to be transitional and fussy. One day it’s super warm, like this past Saturday, and the next day its like today, Psych! Just kidding. It’s back to its gloomy rainy self. Spring weather is weird.

I have technically put away all my sweaters and jackets but left out all the transitional pieces. Who is Spring’s best friend?
Denim. Denim is like that really cool girl at school. Denim is fashion’s best friend, hangs out with everyone. Stripes. Flannel. Jackets. Camel. Sneakers. Khaki. Marcia Brady. Coachella. What? You name it.

I am currently obsessed with any jeans with a flared hem, and ripped up boyfriend jeans.

Down below, I have pulled some really awesome pics to demonstrate my love for denim. Shop the looks down below.

What’s your favorite style?


flared denim

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And then there’s me!

New York Fashion Hunter

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