Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink

pretty in pink

pretty in pink

pretty in pink

Jacquemus off-the-shoulder top

Lou cropped jean

white sneakers

MCM structured statement bag

pretty in pink

I am no longer floored by the vagaries of the weather. March brings high’s of 60 and lows of 30 degrees and getting dressed can be stifling. But now that Spring will officially arrive by the end of the month, we needs to address our Spring wardrobe. I know I do. But what to buy? Let’s chat about pink for a minute. When I was growing up, the color pink was such a prissy color, I refused to wear it. Now that it is basically everywhere you turn, I want to give pink a second try, with stripes! so its not too girly. I can be pretty in pinkespecially now that the trend has infiltrated my brain.

Pink is a big trend for Spring. Here is how to prepare for it.

When I think of pink, the image of Natalie Portman in the trailer for the movie Jackie runs through my head. I know I am not alone here. As far as what is on everybody’s hot list? Red and pink color combos can make your head spin, but give it a second thought. I am going to be more adventurous with my fashion this month and give it a whirl. how about this Gucci scarf ? Or these sneakers?

Every time a new trend emerges, I think to myself that I will sit this one out, see: asymmetrical dresses and skirts. That style just doesnlook good on petite girls. I study the trend, and see if there is anything that I can adopt. While on the topic of trends, please tell me why are crocs the next big thing? I hated those in early 2004 and I still refuse to wear the foam kryptonite. Christopher Kane took them over, and boom, a trend emerged. Yuck, just yuck. On a positive note, the Shopbop sale is happening now. The more you spend, the more you save which means Spring looks, and pink tops are on major sale. It’s a win-win.

Test the Water.

Remember, stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t have to be a major leap into unknown territories. Not into pastels? Give hot pink a try!

What’s in my cart and on my radar?

pretty in pink

Here are my top finds from the Shopbop sale

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