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How to Layer in Fifty Degree Weather

how to layer in fifty degree weather

bomber jacket

tips on how to layer in fifty degree weather

bomber jacket

There is basic human instinct to layer. Food-wise, layering anything is fun. Think of peanut butter and jelly, milk and cereal, avocado and toast. Your meals would taste pretty bland if one was without the other. In the movies, character personalities are layered, and in books, chapters move and develop layers strategically from one page to the next. This phenomenon is similar to what happens to our bodies. In late winter, as we move towards early spring, we humans need just as much layering love. Coats are cool, but layers thrive in 50-degree weather. Fashion in a transitional season can be fun when we can layer. A cardigan over a t-shirt, a henley under a dress, a trench over a Canadian tuxedo, a sweatshirt dress under a bomber jacket. You get the drift. These are my tips on how to layer in fifty degree weather.

How to layer in a transitional season.

Over the past week, the weather has fluctuated from sub-zero temps to balmy sixty degrees. Your wardrobe calls for layering pieces and utility dressing in times like these. Human beings should capture this multi-layering phenomenon due to global warming and the warming trends we go through. This is supposed to occur just twice a year in New York but it occurs weekly. Summer to Fall, Winter to Spring. The good news? You get to play with lots of pieces which is the fun part of getting dressed! Bomber jackets are still hot, and still going strong on the runways here and abroad and it is one of best pieces to layer sweaters underneath or a dress like I have pictured here.

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Photos: Brian J Green 

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