bullet pendant

Lighten Up Your Look

lighten up your look

buller pendant

Are pendants, brooches, and huge earrings making a comeback in fashion? Suddenly, I feel the urge to pull out all my rhinestones, large hoop earrings, and a slew of embellishments. These bejeweled objects will decorate the lapels of our blazers come spring, and our trenchcoats when the weather hovers in the mid 50’s. Global warming is certainly here. This February, it was 65 degrees one day, but today it was back to real February winter. Honestly, it’s practically spring and I want to shed all of the layers. Because winter coats suck, but vests and blazers – the lightweight versions, don’t. Scroll down for some bullet-proof ideas on how to lighten up your look.

Lighten up your look.

Take off your heavy winter coat. Add a fun piece of jewelry like this bullet pendant by my friends over at duchessrocks. The Duchess brand philosophy is awesome. The Duchess evolved from combining old world charm. Just for you, I wanted to create a special code so you can rock one one your favorite pieces of jewelry from their collection. The code is NYFASHIONHUNTER for 20% off any purchase.

Bite The Bullet

Born from rock-n-roll roots, each piece is named after a favorite song. The necklace I picked is named after “Hello,” the first single on Adele’s tour de force album 25. I love that song so it makes sense that I randomly picked out the bullet pendant. So let’s bite the bullet, literally, and start accessorizing.

Happy Monday!

bullet pendant


Photos: Brian J Green

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