Denim Addicted

denim addicted

denim addicted

denim addicted


There is a truth about being addicted to denim. Much like diamonds, denim is forever. Denim is a beloved textile. It’s been around forever, super comfortable, easy to wash, and looks good on everyone. Part of its enduring legacy is due to designers reimagining it every season. A basic pair of jeans will never get old but seeing it in the form of chic culottes, patchwork, or a denim mini skirt makes me fall in love with it over and over again. Whenever I get dressed and am at a loss of what to wear, I pull out my favorite top and pair it with denim. We all own a pair of jeans, so this is an easy how-to in the style department. Trends change, but jeans are worn year after year. We are all denim addicted in some way.

Add panache to your denim 

To make it your own, add a little something different that will make you stand out. Why not try a peplum flair like this jacket, or multi-patchwork high waisted jeans?

I love discovering new denim brands, and can track the trends from bell bottom to skinny, shredded to raw, hight-waists to hip huggers.

Patchwork is very current, and if you’re an artist or good at sewing, you are in luck.

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What’s in, what’s out

As far as trend points: dark is out, ’90s styles are way in, high waists are in but uncomfortable while sitting down, Levi’s still makes the best jean jacket, and fray is in but probably heading out.

Trends turn over much faster these days than in decades past—I blame the internet and the mini attention spans it produces. As recently as five years ago, skinny jeans in every color of the rainbow were a thing. And now colored denim is back, albeit in most cases in a subtler form.

Is EVERYTHING trending right now?

The answer is yes, kind of, everything except skinny jeans. We’re still wearing skinny jeans, but they’ve become more of a classic silhouette that’s currently on the back burner.

The current and hopefully everlasting trend is COMFORT. It all started a few seasons ago at fashion week when everyone was wearing sneakers with everything. I am big proponent of comfort. Why sake comfort in the name of fashion? Well ok, just for these.


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