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Timeless Style

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Timelessness is a priority in French style. The navy and white striped pullover is exemplary of how an item of clothing, when made well, can last forever. Origins of this timeless style, however, are not in the fashion capital of the world. Therefore, it was not the Parisians, but rather the Bretons who wore the nautical stripe first in Bretagne. The shirt we now consider a staple, authentically called by many designers the “Breton” stripe, was originally worn by those who frequented the seas along Brittany. The blue and white striped cotton pullovers were ideal to combat the weather at sea because of their tightly stitched cotton. It was then adopted by Audrey Hepburn and then Coco Chanel. To follow their lead, the Breton stripe was catapulted to high fashion. We call this timeless style.

Today, it is remarkable that the original cotton Breton stripe pullover remains an item to which men and women of all generations gravitate. It is almost like grabbing your favorite pair of jeans; can’t fail you. Can trump trends.

How to achieve timeless style

timeless style

timeless style

I was asked to collaborate with Agnès b, the hugely successful eponymously named fashion business. To be able to celebrate her “cool” aesthetic, is something I have always yearned to do. I have worn the Agnès b label for my entire life and feel lucky to be able to work with such a talent. I picked out this timeless Breton stripe top because it fits with my aesthetic and seeing away from fast fashion. The striped top is a garment you can keep forever and in fact, I still have mine from many moons ago. It works for men, women, and basically everybody, and every body type.

Get the cool aesthetic. Or at least try.

The Agnes b label represents an easy, chic, trans-seasonal wardrobe. It’s easy to talk about investing in a few worthwhile items, but finding them and pulling the trigger is another challenge entirely. I want to create a buzz around this concept. It’s my job as a stylist  to not only have my finger on the pulse, but to translate that pulse to real life and make it look easy.

timeless style

Agnes b

flared jeans

Make it your own, and it doesn’t have to be high fashion. Agnes says “I like people making their own style from my designs.”

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Photos: Brian J Green

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