Transition Dressing

I went to the Tribeca Film festival last week with a friend who is a film buff. We found this great wall of LOVE, so on our way downtown, we decided to take some snaps right in front.

Here are just a few things about why I love New York:

All the surprise corners lurking around the bend, finding a cool spot, bumping into a friend, or having a great cup of joe at a new place.

I wear loads of denim during this transitional weather. Spring can be so fickle. It doesn’t know whether to be hot or cold, sunny or wet. But really, there is no city quite like it.

denim jeans

white leather jacket with jeans

Veda white leather jacket

NO. 21 white top

Alexa Chung X AG jeans

ribbon choker

Prada belt

Derek Lam bag, SHOP SIMILAR

Neil Barrett open toe mules

white leather

white leather jacket

flared jeans

blue denim

leather jacket

All photos taken with iPhone 6


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