A few of my favorite things for summer 2020

A Few of My Favorite Things For Summer 2020


Dress: Danielle Bernstein

Sunglasses: Etnia Barcelona

Bracelet: Aurate

Shoes: Co 



A Few of My Favorite Things

I love many things. Along my journey as a woman, as a wife, mama, and a creative, my various passions are the threads of my life’s fabric. But if I had to choose the one singular spark that ignites me, and fills me with a sense of unspeakable joy, connectedness, community and love, it would have to be the act of creating and storytelling. I love storytelling through the clothes and gold necklaces I wear. Also, cooking is one of those simple pleasures that I create every day, which brings me joy when meals are created. And I know, I am not alone in this idea. One of the many so-called tasks that I have accomplished during this quarantine include creating family recipe books. I am a perfectionist in every sense and that includes our family dinners, (not quite perfection, but close enough). First of all, I have been discovering my love for interior design, selling my unwanted clothing and accessories on various websites to save the planet, and making sure to get my daily dose of nature. Since I was spending so much time outside, and we wouldn’t be taking a major trip this summer, I decided it was time to start a little garden. Creating the visual was easy for me, but I didn’t know exactly how to execute it on the grass. I knew I wanted a sustainable garden, with a focus on classic design. In like manner, I am including some variety in my outdoor life, just like in my closet and my accessories. Here a few of my favorite things for Summer 2020.

A Few Of my Favorite Things for Summer 2020

A Few of My Favorite Things

Together with my closet which I edit almost weekly, I have been leaning towards ethically-sourced products. And  I can wear them often. As a stylist, I have a knack for mix and matching secondhand fashion for a fresh new look and have been doing that even before the stay-at-home orders took effect. Simple lines, a great fit, including rings, necklaces, and earrings, call my name. Gone are the days that I purchase fast-fashion. It isn’t good for the environment and our planet, and I no longer support it. Everyone has that one jewelry piece they never leave the house without. For me, it’s a stack of 14k gold necklaces from various jewelry brands currently saved to my Instagram bookmark section. Everyday-wear jewelry is always in style! Thanks to a wealth of affordable and not-so-affordable brands who abandoned the exclusivity often associated with 14k.

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