Black Friday Steals for Men

Black Friday is finally here and Hannukah is around the corner. I love shopping for the most part, but don’t like fighting the crowds in the stores. Hannukah is very early this year, it lands on Dec 2nd, and I need to get shopping. Knowing that, there are many great deals out there to get going for the special man in your life. Black Friday steals for men are out now so why not get a head start? Men are so hard to shop for. I know this because every time I buy my husband something, I struggle with the same thoughts. WIll he like it? Will it fit?  First, in order to find the best deals or when to start your shopping, I have some... Read More

36 Hours in New Orleans

Wow, New Orleans. You never cease to amaze me. You have always been the best “foodie” destination in the USA since ever. After have just spent 36 hours in New Orleans, we did not have a bad meal. The Big Easy never disappoints. The reason for my visit was to attend my Alma Mater, Tulane University for our reunion. It was so great to see all my friends after many years, and New Orleans will always hold a close place in my heart. of course, some of us changed, and so did the school. But some things stayed the same. The pastel pink streets, debaucherous groups of roaming travelers, jazz music flowing endlessly from every bar, and the kind of oppressive sticky heat that forces you to... Read More

Why A Boiler Suit Deserves Space in Your Wardrobe This Fall

Oh hey November! Are you slowly getting bored with your sweaters and trousers? Me too. Fall is a great time to start fresh. I have just finished a huge clean out of my entire bedroom and closets. At first I felt naked, that I had nothing to wear, but now that it’s complete, I don’t feel an urge to buy anything. At all. With what’s out there in the marketplace, I now just need to spice up my style. Enter the boiler suit. A workwear in one, a boiler suit is a must have trend for Fall Winter 2018. I love its easy wear I just wouldn’t suggest it for travel and its not easy to go to the loo. But seriously, I’m sold. Bound... Read More

Blazer Dress

Blazers were the jacket trend that no one saw coming. Don’t be surprised by the blazer’s comeback, everything in fashion comes back in some way. The tried-and-true wardrobe staple is the key to professional power dressing for so many in the workforce. But now that the fashion force has taken over, can it be trendy in the fleeting sense of the word? The staple jacket has emerged in a work to dinner trend for the season, the blazer dress. And for the record, I am not mad about it. The blazer dress is one of my latest favorite fashion pieces. I have always been a great fan of elegant and stylish blazers. They will make any look so classy, no matter if you wear it with a... Read More

Cult Beauty Favorite

My skincare routine for most of my adult life used to be pretty simple. On the daily, I rotated between face wash, toner, and moisturizer with the occasional mask thrown in once a week. During pregnancy and into motherhood, my hormones shifted many times over and my skin was really taking its toll. In other words, I was stressed trying to do it all, therefore my skincare regime required more tender-loving care. My skin is mostly a healthy combination oily to dry, but mostly on the dry side. But over the past year, with a mix of diet, lifestyle change, and and a lot of self-care, I’ve finally developed a verified routine. And my skin thanks me for it. All I wanted was glowing skin. Now with... Read More

Spur Of The Moment Cowboy Boots Are Back

In case you have been hiding under a rock, western boots are back. Inevitably, the question of the hour is simple. How does one wear cowboy boots in 2018 and actually look cool doing it? It’s not just that their heels are heavy. Coupled with the elongated hee-haw toe and the wild wild west, cowboy boots have so many notions. Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy. Patricia Arquette in True Romance. Western showdown have permeated our television sets for many years, epitomizing the wild west. A dangerous place of sharp shooters and outlaws. They are a potent emblem of America, resonating the meaning of the United States. There is a good chance that you will be wearing a pair in 2018. Yes you, the lone star... Read More

Timeless Style, Fall Version

This past weekend I headed to the Denim Days Festival in NYC where all the top trends in denim washes, makes, fabrications, and styles were on full display. As I was wandering about the booths, and observing all the trends, I realized that the denim that I wore in the 1980’s were back in full swing. I had an inkling that denim styles never die, but rather hide by the wayside until they are back “in” again. Hence why all things vintage clothing were the most popular booths at the fair. The old stuff is the good stuff. This is true for all fashion today. With the resurgence of padded shoulders, sequins!, slip dresses and oversize coats, we don’t know where to turn.  Maybe it’s... Read More

White For Summer’s End

September is officially here, and summer is on its way out. Similarly, this month marks a lot of things for me. My birthday was September 9th. Our wedding anniversary is this week. It’s very much a month of love. A love for family, and fresh starts. It’s also a month of getting organized, hello The Container Store. Once I am organized, doors open for a world of creativity. I always give myself  time to adjust to all these changes. Additionally, September marks the season to story tell, and enjoy the peacefulness, yet fleeting moments of the season. In terms of what I wear, I love wearing white for summer’s end, this transitional season. Wearing white reminds us to embrace the days that are filled with light. Now and into the... Read More