Vintage Shopping in Your Closet

Wearing Vintage fur / Fendi pants / Celine boots / vintage sweater and beanie        Happy Monday! Today on the feed, I am talking about basic January blues. How do you combat them? It’s freezing outside, and I find it hard to get motivated and get dressed in the mornings. I always think I have nothing to wear. But when I look at it from a different perspective, I have so much that I just have to start with a piece that I haven’t worn and put it on with something different. Instead of online shopping, try this out for a month and see if it works. I am guilty of adding things to my shopping cart when I am shopping online. Does... Read More

Dissecting the Truth About Sweat

Happy January! Anybody else recovering from a cold, or just stressed from the hazards of winter? Between the failing subways and rising cost of living, not to mention the endless news cycle, our baseline stress levels are off the charts. Hit with a cold this week, I luckily nipped it in the bud. And I owe it to a few treatments I would highly recommend. Until very recently, I was passive about the effects that the environment had on my body. I eat healthily, go the gym, so what could be missing? To start, the studies have creeped up in the news warning us about the poisons in our food, in the air, and ultimately in our bloodstream. Determined to dissect the truth about sweat... Read More

Faux Fur Alert

Happy New Year everyone! Now that it is the new year, it has gotten pretty cold, which means it’s time to hibernate. Just kidding, but for me, it’s a time to read more books, binge with more shows, and bundle up in my favorite winter teddy coats. I personally am really happy about it. It brings a sense of renewal to gear up for the year ahead. You will want to say warm once you venture outside and down below I have posted a faux fur alert for the long winter ahead. Maybe it’s because more fashion brands are jumping on the cruelty-free bandwagon. Entire cities are going fur free! Or just the fact that it’s so dang plush and cozy, but faux fur coats... Read More

How to Dress for a Holiday Party Based A Whim

  Getting dressed for holiday parties is fun. It has also been my most challenging annual sartorial journey. Because what I want to wear fluctuates wildly depending on what kind of persona I want to adopt on the evening in question. It also depends on the feeling I want to evoke. And the character I want to adopt. Do I want to be my slinkiest self, the kind of guest who sips bourbon cocktails in a corner while whispering sweet somethings into the ears of a few good friends and doesn’t feel the need to look at her phone once? Do I want to be a walking conversation starter by virtue of my outfit? How about a wildcard in the crowd, who only sings songs into... Read More

Holiday Countdown, Gifts for the Home

It’s just two weeks before Christmas and all through the net, shoppers are scrambling for presents to get. Monday was Green Monday. What’s Green Monday, you ask? Essentially, it’s the second biggest holiday sales day of the year after Black Friday. Falling on the second Monday of December, it’s the day on which shoppers realize they only have around 10 days left to order online gifts so they’ll arrive in time before Dec. 25. Now, we are sitting on Wednesday,  so naturally, it’s time to get in on the action. For the holiday countdown, gifts for the home are on my radar. How about giving the gift of a hygge lifestyle? Although I am not Danish, when I went to Copenhagen this past summer, I could... Read More

Dress Up Your Holiday Style For Less

As fun as it is to flaunt the new dress you unwrapped from the holidays, there’s something special about planning and perfecting your seasonal outfits. No matter where you are celebrating the holidays, it’s always fun to dress up. Every holiday season, one can expect cold weather, fantastic store windows, time with family and friends. And lot of holiday parties. In fact, it can get exhausting. Not only are you dropping major cash on a glitzy dress, try adding a few inexpensive party-appropriate accessories instead. I am sure your current wardrobe has a soft white sweater somewhere! It’s an easy and practical fix. Great accessories don’t just freshen up last season’s pieces, they can make the whole outfit. Below, shop my favorite pieces from the season. Remember,... Read More

Tips for A Stress-Free Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most wonderful (and busy) time of year. While the season means plenty of quality time spent with loved ones, it can also bring chaos and stress when it comes to buying gifts, coordinating travel and planning family functions. Luckily, there are some simple ways to tackle the holidays with confidence. I am not a master of this, but its fair to say I have had my fair share of holiday drama in the course of my lifetime. And add to that other stressors like financial costs of the holidays, family coming to visit, and the stress of having it all together. We can’t all be Martha Stewart, so let’s get real. What do you grapple with during the holidays? Not enough... Read More

Investment Worthy Black Friday Sales

Happy Black Friday! I have combed through all the sales over the past few days picking investment worthy black friday sales that you won’t want to miss. There is so much out there it is easy to get lost in the mall, or the world-wide web. But don’t fret. The Fashion Hunter is here to the rescue. So many years I have purchased pieces that I regret or end of returning due to poor fit, too trendy, or just don’t need another cashmere sweater. Since I just did a huge closet clean out, I am only going to recommend pieces that are long-lasting. Fast fashion is fine for hot minute, but then it ends up not getting worn year after year. Alexa should we trust... Read More