Looking down at the southern regions

If recent photos and fall reports serve as an indication of anything, it is that trends constantly reboot themselves and become new again. This is really nothing new in the worlds of fashion, food, art, and pretty much everything. If you have been following my posts and reports from New York, London, and Milan, experimental menswear, i.e. librarian chic has returned from all angles. The whole masculine-feminine tension, you know the ones that all the designers try with menswear-inspired separates, can sometimes work and sometimes flop. Derek Lam’s show which had a 60’s vibe that would make “Mad Men” jealous, was fantastic right down to the bouffant hairdos. Head below the ankles, for a minute . I am currently vibing on these gold cap-toe metallic oxfords shown by Lam for Fall Winter 2012. Mainly because they are both retro, and femme fatale. Truth be told, after several seasons of sky-high platforms, my podiatrist ain’t too pleased with me. My feet will have to wait till Fall. Cue the flats.


Shoes Derek Lam 

Ultimately you might rate these boys as dorky, but placed on the right foot, the right leg, the right outfit, they can do the shuffle. And the tap dance. Here are some noteworthy ideas that might make your feetsies happy. Do not underrate these. Get out your notepads.


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