Accessorie Circuit Intermezzo Collections 2012


This past week I was at the Accessorie Circuit at Piers 92 and 94 in NYC. Accessorie Circuit is a huge trade show with hundreds of exhibitors that draws buyers, editors, manufacturers, brands, and fashion bloggers (like me) from all over the country. Future trends, colors, mediums, and fresh designers are all showcased at the ENK Shows. I was able to peek at the jewelry vendors, which were showcasing new colors, and metal trends that are pertinent to the industry. I usually head into the shows with a plan of attack that ultimately fails. It fails because it is easy to spot new and cool collections. Plus, I get caught up in admiration of it all; ie. the clothes, the jewels, and the conversation. With names like Ainsley, Gypsy Junkies, and Pono, I was drawn to hunt for the flavor of the month.

I was able to preview collections from Vince, Milly, Joie, Graham and Spencer, Nanette Lapore, Parker, KAS New York, Rebecca Minkoff, and others before they hit the stores. Here is who and what caught my eye at the show.

Sachin and Babi. Hit me please. The fabrics marry texture and color like husband and wife. And, they truly are a fab hubby and wifey team. Check out the front sequin v-neck detailing and the open back with multi-colored sequins. Love it.

I paired this white and black graphic print top with lace hem with white leather shorts. J’adore!

Check out this bauble they are going to remake for Fall.

Glitter is a never-ending story that seems to be ubiquitous in every way, shape, and form.

I love these shorts from Leyendecker.

And this smoking jacket from Gypsy Junkies.

Neon continues to march on. Loving this hi low mullet neon skirt from Drew.

Brights from Ramy Brook.

Whaaaaa. The drop-crotch pant? Here’s a zig-zag print from Parker.

Snakeskin continues to sliver around. Here’s a take on that a la Tibi.

And finally, a one-of-a-kind pop statement necklace by Erickson Beamon that makes you go…


On that note, go have yourself a glizzerized, neonized, accessorized fabulous weekend! xo

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