The Headband

The other night I tuned into the Golden Globe awards and as usual, all the celebrities in attendance were dressed to the nines. Head-to-toe in designer frocks, jewels and, of course, hair styles that were to die for, the stars showed up at this annual glam fest in the latest fashion armor. From strapless dresses worn by starlets Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba to plunging necklines worn by Tilda Swinton, Rooney Mara and Evan Rachel Wood—no matter what the style, the hair completed the look for many of these leading ladies.

Hear ye, hear ye. The so-called must-have accessory of the moment trending on twitter, if you will is the #headband. Just in case you missed my live twitter feed on that hashtag, you can catch it here. The headband is really a chic way to put your hair back and still look youthful, feminine, and pretty. Look at Catherine Deneuve, a timeless fashion icon.

Catherine Deneuve

One of the glittery, vintagy, sleek headpieces shown on the red carpet was worn by über-stylish short-haired Michelle Williams. She donned this Fred Leighton number with a bejeweled brooch. A clean modern spin to this retro look. Do you think she looks like a baby girl? I love the Mia Farrow look.

Actress Busy Phillips wore this glittery headband, which showed off her angelic face.

And, my favorite by far, is Charlize Theron for donning this glitterized piece by Cartier and clogging up my twitter feed. Enzo Angileri, her master hair stylist, created this head-turning look which was the epitome of modern romantic glamour. Very causal, very soft. This look doesn’t work with stiff hair. In my eyes, she was the most beautiful of the night.

Ultimately it is the smile, the flawed skin, and all the busy-bee workers that fix, crimp, adjust, change, and make these celebs the way they “appear” on the red carpet. I wonder how many of them could roll out of bed and create this look themselves?

Instead of rehashing the hits and misses that were the dresses, this post focuses on the accessory of the night. If you find yourself wanting more, you can always plug in your vote of who wore what the best, by watching this clip from US weekly magazine which simplifies the do’s and don’ts, the winners and the losers.

So inspired by the nod from the headbands, I decided to flaunt my own version last night to a local trunk show, where I was dressing my client for her own important red-carpet bedazzled event. Here is a selection of my daughter Chloe’s headbands which I borrowed to add pizzazz to my outfit. 🙂


Chloe's rainbow collection of headbands

What do you think of this look? Is it too Claire-like or will you consider a headband? Tweet me, talk to me, and do share your thoughts!  Lastly, I am mesmerized by Brigitte Bardot’s look here. Just a simple black grosgrain ribbon adds just the right amount of oomph. I am on the hunt for the perfect headband.

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