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Miami Sunshine

Miami sunshine

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Miami, a multi-cultural hotspothas definitely won a special place in my heart. I have been going to Art Basel for many years, but this time my family and I spent a wonderful nine days in the warm Miami sunshine. Sizzling with Latin, Caribbean, and South American influencesMiami’s beat doesn’t ever stop. The architecture and Art Deco buildings are blowing up, and the cocktail and club scene pumps into the wee hours. Put your convertible top down and cruise down Ocean Drive. This time around, we tried our best to discover all new things Miami  and the many things this bustling city has to offer. From the beautiful beaches, to museums and bike tours, to delicious food, and everything in-between, we explored and accomplished a lot more than a typical beach vacation.

What to do in Miami

Find yourself in Miami and not sure where to start? Below is a mini guide I put together so you can get a taste of what I did, where I ate, and what to wear. There are so many fun activities to do, we just couldn’t fit it all in. I’m sure I will be back at some point this winter. There are always new restaurants and more shops to hit. If I missed anything that should be mentioned, please leave them in the comments below!

Head to the Beach

Miami has gorgeous beaches and although they can be a bit crowded that doesn’t bother me. I bring my favorite book and just sit and relax by the sounds of the ocean’s waves. It’s a sexy place, with all the exposed midriffs, six-pack bodies, and string bikinis lining the landscape.
Miami sunshine
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 Perez Art Museum
Perez art Museum

Go to a Museum

This is something I have always wanted to do when in Miami. We went to the Perez Art Museum where we caught this emerging artist Julio Le Parc on display. It was interactive and lots of fun to visit!

Bike Wynwood Walls

I have been to the Wynwood walls many times but a girlfriend of mine told me about a guided tour of the graffiti walls, Miami’s best graffiti guide. Touring by bike gave us a whole new perspective to the city. We learned about the origins of the artists and what inspired them to spray the walls.

wynwood walls

wynwood walls

wynwood walls

Next time I visit there will be a whole new viewpoint on this fabulous city!


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