Punk Fashion

Art historians, writers, and costume designers alike commonly reference the past as a rite of passage. Visionaries in the art and fashion worlds, examine the past and they incorporate many subcultures and styles in their work of today. When those worlds collide, you have art as we know it and... Read More

Dream On

It was apparent to me from the onset that I didn’t want a sedentary secretarial job after graduating from college  – I longed for a more esoteric position – when I failed my first typing test. On my first job interview, little unbeknownst to me, the requirements for the position,... Read More

Slouchy Beanies

Yesterday I tweeted that I once I find something on my hunt for fashionable finds, it no longer appeals to me as a purchase, but rather the thrill of the hunt itself that is so satisfying. Like a predator that feeds on its prey, an animal finally gets their plat... Read More

Deals of the Day

  Today is the antithesis of Black Friday, there are no banging of doors required, no lines to cut, no 5AM wake-up calls. Just a simple click of your mouse, will take you to the glorious sales that are happening right now on the world-wide web. The greatest thing about... Read More

A Splash of Paint

ALDO McCamish Printed Pointed shoes by ASOS, J Brand jeans I took this picture last week right before the Hurricane hit, on a sunny day, in my boyfriend jeans, when the leaves were falling hard from the trees. I was hoping to put this up on my site for a “how to... Read More

Pencil It In

Last week I caught a compelling documentary called Ethel, a blow-by-blow story about Ethel Kennedy, wife of RFK, and a Hollywood-starlet. Ethel was irreverent, fearless, funny, and famously fecund. What struck me most in the film, was not only the fearlessness that persevered throughout her career as a mother of... Read More

Vintage Finds

At the end of June, I try to break out my fabulous vintage finds — my treasure chest of lacy dresses, peter pan collars, double-breasted jackets with exposed zips, and denim cut-offs like these from Asos, and live life a little more simply. What I love about summer is you can... Read More

In Shoe News

There are a ton of reasons to wear platforms during the summer (BTW, today is the summer solstice) and making your legs look taller and leaner is definitely one of them. Last week’s photo on Instagram featuring this shoe and all sorts of cool-ass accessories has left me begging for answers... Read More

Ring Ding

Yesterday I got an email from a desperate friend asking where she can get some awesome black caged knuckle rings she saw in a magazine. Willing to hunt for anything, as the Fashion Hunter does, I did my obligatory investigating. I found the ring and she was thrilled that it cost... Read More

How Fashion and Art Collide

For the first time ever, London’s Frieze Art Fair landed in New York’s backyard, Randall’s Island. And for the first time ever, Refinery 29 featured me in their Street Style section. A couple of firsts for me in one day is definitely worth celebrating. Thanks Refinery for the shout out!... Read More