Dream On

It was apparent to me from the onset that I didn’t want a sedentary secretarial job after graduating from college  – I longed for a more esoteric position – when I failed my first typing test. On my first job interview, little unbeknownst to me, the requirements for the position, were to type at a lightning fast speed of 55 wpm among many other unattainable requirements, like owning a few pairs of Manolo Blahniks on an assistant’s measly salary. My fingers did excel at Katherine Gibbs secretary school, knowing it probably was an applicable skill to have under my belt. I finally procured that highly covetable editorial position, albeit circuitously, and realized there was a lot more that came with the entry-level position. I was able to cover the market, style shoots, attend press functions, and meet with industry professionals, all at my day job.

Little did I know, fast forward many years later, I am speed typing on my laptop, producing blog posts at the speed of sound, all in the name of working from home. I get to wear pajamas all day! Perhaps it is time to celebrate. When Marc Jacobs paraded pajamas down the runway at Louis Vuitton, and Rihanna and Sofia Coppola showed up at parties in pajamas like tiny Julian Schnabels, I was elated.


If pyjamas were fair game to wear to actual events in the day, my wardrobe actually just became much larger and significantly more cutting-edge. Remember last spring, designers like Stella McCartney showed lingerie down the runways and I along with everyone else adopted the look? Designer pajamas are still so cool, like better-cut, ultra-feminine suits that a very short person could wear. Yes, Spring has sprung finally, and what a better way to celebrate the new season than a pair of comfy silk jammies. And in that same spirit, I will wear pajamas and sweatshirts out of the house and see if I will become Sofia Coppola. Or, at least, enjoy brunch as much as her.

Starting down at the pants which are printed and loose, and let it be known: are as close to cozying in bed as they come. Photographed below: Sea New York drawstring pants FTW. All links optimized for your stay in bed with your laptop shopping pleasure.


Photography, Lydia Hudgens



Linda Farrow sunglasses, J Crew lightweight denim blue shirt, T by Alexander Wang grey sweatshirt, Dannijo necklace, Sea New York (On Sale! I might add) drawstring  pants, ASOS clutch, get a similar one by Givenchy, Manolo Blahnik metallic single sole pumps.



Wear this now with a heavier jacket should the weather turn on you, or minus the sweater and pair it with a T Shirt. The choice is yours. Now get out of bed.


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