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There are a ton of reasons to wear platforms during the summer (BTW, today is the summer solstice) and making your legs look taller and leaner is definitely one of them. Last week’s photo on Instagram featuring this shoe and all sorts of cool-ass accessories has left me begging for answers on today’s question: Platforms or flatforms? In other words, if a platform could be morphed into a shoe without “legs”, would you wear it? The endless debate begins.

Michael Kors platform sandals, vintage Chanel

I have been wearing platforms for a very long time, since I realized that my bones weren’t stretching more than a lame five feet tall. I love they way they discreetly add a younger and hipper vibe to my look du jour. However, there are several hazards associated with platforms, such as tripping, arch pain, ankle rolling, and just not knowing how to walk properly in them. Do consider those cobblestone streets my friends. Enter the platform’s trendy cousin: the flatform, autocorrected from flatworm. Tall and thick heeled like the platform, the flatform gives you height without the uncomfortable heel aspect. Unlike traditional heels, these shoes have no pitch, and are just down right comfortable. To put it simply, flatforms are the 1970’s lovechild of platforms. If you dread tottering in shoes with an incline, then these even-leveled contraptions will be a walk in the park. Peruse the selection below and tell me, would you wear these?

Fashion credits: Top row to bottom row, left to right: Michael By Michael Kors Kelsie Flatform Sandals, Dune Gilda raffia flatforms, Whistles Cecile wedge flatform sandals, Whistles Cecile flatform sandals, Asos Volcano flatform sandals, Etro suede-appliqued flatforms.

Tall and thick and clunky, yes. Ultra-chic and cool? Yes. I just bought the Etro uberbabes up above at 50% off on Net-A-Porter. From $810 to $405. And for that price? Cha-ching double time. The golden sale continues right here. Run don’t walk or they will be GoNe! Do we feed into this trend or declare these flatworms dead? Now it’s your turn. Bye!

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