A Splash of Paint

ALDO McCamish Printed Pointed shoes by ASOS, J Brand jeans

I took this picture last week right before the Hurricane hit, on a sunny day, in my boyfriend jeans, when the leaves were falling hard from the trees. I was hoping to put this up on my site for a “how to get the look” post, but as the weather took a turn for the worse, here are my feet pre-Sandy. On a side note, my place has been a revolving hotel with guests in and out, and I haven’t taken off said jeans since last week.

When I purchased these shoes last month on ASOS, I thought, I could make these myself. And then I contemplated buying the paint and splashing the shoe in an artistic formation, similar to a Jackson Pollack painting. Maybe if I were a graffiti artist, it might be an easier task to master. But, all I would need is a white shoe, a neon strap, and with the flick of my wrist, drips gobs of paint on said shoe. Easy, right? Not so fast. If we could all do that, then we could potentially put designers out of business. And if designers go out of business, where does the business of fashion go? Where and how would we be inspired ?

Of course, with the availability of technology in our society, quick “likes” are available at the touch of a button, therefore there are so many ways to curate your own look, and style. (See Pinterest, DIY blogs, Twitter, Instagram profiles) Sometimes they clog the internet with many variations on the same theme which can over-pollute the mind.

In conclusion, that said, I will let the folks at Asos design their heart out and challenge my DIY skills at another time. At press time, the colors changed to from neon hues to oranges, reds, and purples matching the fall leaves perfectly.. and they are now on sale for under $100!  Asos is great at mass-producing stuff that even the First Lady Michelle Obama can wear at her husband’s side. At press time, this Asos Midi check dress was SOLD OUT.

What do you think? Are they worthy of a buy or DIY? Share your thoughts!


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