Ring Ding

Yesterday I got an email from a desperate friend asking where she can get some awesome black caged knuckle rings she saw in a magazine. Willing to hunt for anything, as the Fashion Hunter does, I did my obligatory investigating. I found the ring and she was thrilled that it cost over $4,000 –the price of a normal, not NYC mortgage–for a very trendy accessory. I have received a few questions of late about where to purchase these unique rings that I wear in my blog photos and put up on my Currently Obsessed page. Now I would bet many of you can’t wait to show off your beautiful manicured nails this summer with plenty of finger candy. Right? I have a penchant for wearing delicate rings, but for a moment, they have lost their luster. So, how about the notion of swaddling those fingers with some jaw-dropping macabre rings that will literally make your eyes pop out? It’s the rawness that lures me in. Since I really  have a full appreciation of all things weird, wild and cool knuckle-wearing rings, bracelets, and neck-wear et al have come under my radar. Skeletons, snakes, (cue the Chloé ring) sharks, eyeballs, claws, and bones (cue the Topshop mini bones bottom right) are turning up in jewelry safes worldwide and are slowly spreading their way onto my Currently Obsessed closet. These ironic symbols suggest an intimate love affair that only a peculiar fan base can love.

Left to right here we go: Chloé snake ringSwarovski crystal ringTopshop cross over block ringASOS wrapped claw ring,  Alex Monroe daisy wreath ringYves Saint Laurent arty oval ringASOS eye ringASOS pack of three roadhouse ringTopshop mini bones ringWildfox wild ring

Ultimately, will you embrace the weirdos? For a measly twenty bucks, instead of a bespoke cocktail, you can embrace this trend too. I am crushing on that daisy ring smack center stage. Should you find yourself surfing the net and you find something scary or sick, please send it my way. I have posted about skulls many times, see Groovy Freaks, but am always curious as to what else is out there lurking in the dark. Clickety click… See ya later freaks!

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