Desert Storm

What do Birkenstocks, mirrored sunglasses, and loads of fringe have in common? You guessed it, it’s almost music festival season. If luck would have it that you’re going to the neon carnival that is Coachella, consider yourself a lucky dog. There are going to be daytime pool parties galore sponsored... Read More

Coachella Cheat Sheet

Heading to the desert this weekend? It wouldn’t be a great idea to blend into the crowd of music lovers seamlessly with the same old band T-shirt and cutoff shorts would it? Not that I don’t love and wear denim jorts all summer long. I love me a denim on... Read More

Slouchy Beanies

Yesterday I tweeted that I once I find something on my hunt for fashionable finds, it no longer appeals to me as a purchase, but rather the thrill of the hunt itself that is so satisfying. Like a predator that feeds on its prey, an animal finally gets their plat... Read More

NYFW Days 0 and 1

Days 0 and 1 of Fashion Week’s catwalk kicked off with kick-ass presentations and shows in new venues (see: Eyebeam, Highline Stages), that have me rest assured that my eye for deducing trends quickly (see: wild combinations of fur, leather over-the-knee boots, and beanies everywhere) have been on target. This... Read More

Ring Ding

Yesterday I got an email from a desperate friend asking where she can get some awesome black caged knuckle rings she saw in a magazine. Willing to hunt for anything, as the Fashion Hunter does, I did my obligatory investigating. I found the ring and she was thrilled that it cost... Read More

Dressing for Coachella

SENSI STUDIO hat, Calypso St. Barth coverup, Céline sunnies Let’s set the scene: Nonstop music. Sunny desert skies. Crowds of people singing along with the Arctic Monkeys. Friendship bracelets up and down your wrist. Daisies in your hair. Yes…this is the stage for Coachella and if you are booked to... Read More