Tangerine Dreams

Happy Tuesday!!! On my way home from the beach this weekend, I was pondering the many aspects of the color orange, my “it” flavor of the month and how it was dubbed this season as Tangerine Tango. If you have been hiding under a rock or missed Saturday’s Sneak a Peek post, it is actually Pantone’s color of the year. Summertime dressing is so easy to master and a single splash of color on the top or bottom usually does the trick. I don’t like to indulge in too many brights, as it can be overwhelmingly blinding to anyone who walks past you. A fabulous pedicure, or a little arm fiesta is usually all I can handle. Remember Groovy Freaks? However, this year is almost half over, so I decided to grab a taste of these orange pants. Hashtag YOLO. (You only live once- for those of you over 25). If you are considering wearing Tangerine pants because it lends itself quite nicely to that time of the month the end of Spring/ beginning of Summer when oppressive New York heat calls for comfort, you are NOT alone.

Get this look here: Enzo Costa tee, Georgie pant, Dolce Vita Orla Cutout wedges, Alexander McQueen sunnies, Asos laser-cut clutch bagDogeared necklace, iPhone, Honest Tea

If you’re not ready to go full on orange, how about copious amounts of arm candy, a mani-pedi, coral lips, or shoes in a fresh blast of color?

 Dolce Vita sandals, Orange it’s Obvious Essie nail polish

From top to bottom: Isabel Marant silk tassel bracelet,  Asos retro skulls, Dannijo friendship bracelet, Sydney Evan bone braceletsBlu Bijoux beaded bracelets, Dannijo Stingray Wrap

This color reminds me of the quintessential summer cocktail, the Tequila Sunrise. For those of you old enough to remember this drink, it was even prettier than it tasted. Tequila, orange juice, Grenadine and/or Cassis, all mix together to create gradations in a glass that mimic a sunrise. Different from the bespoke cocktails of today, it was a classic drink that had us know-it-all teenagers acting like mixologists (even though that overused moniker had yet to be invented).

Now that I have you dreaming of all things summertime, play this Tangerine Dream soundtrack from the Risky Business Days -you just might get inspired to dance… like me. Just like when Joel’s parents were away for the weekend, and Joel says, “You wanna know something? Every now and then say, “What the f-ck.” “What the f-ck” gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future. One leg at a time. xxoo

All photos by the ultimate rock-star celeb: Michael Crook.


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