Europe on the brain

  Travel tip of the day: Pack light. Go far.  I have a confession to make. I want it all. Next week, I am headed to the centers of the fashion universe: Italy and France. More specifically, Montecatini, and then onto Paris. I want to travel light, but I also want it to appear that I have brought 8 suitcases with me, and that I have endless wardrobe choices.

Amy Winehouse Rest in Peace

  Amy Winehouse.  A legendary vocalist. A fashionista.  A lost soul, lost way too young. At the tender age of 27, she will be remembered not only for her incredible contributions to music, but her signature crazy style. Throughout her years, she was an inspiration to many designers, editors, and stylists.  She was once Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for one of his upcoming collections. Known for her towering black beehive hairdo, Cleopatra-style black eyeliner and tattoos, here is a sampling of some of her most infamous looks from Vogue to the Chanel runway. RIP Amy Winehouse.

Celebs, Fashion and Charity Collide

  Last night, while shopping in the Meatpacking district on a beautiful summer evening, I headed to the Matthew Williamson store where a Charity event was being held for Same Sky and FEED, 2 charities with big missions.

Summer Trend Report

  Maxi-hot in the Hamptons! It’s mid-summer and the like the blazing sun, the maxi dress trend is hotter than ever. These ankle-grazing frocks are in every store window, on the beaches, and at the benefit parties out on the east end.

Hot Swimwear

  A bikini guide: from then to now The dog days of summer are here and our favorite beaches are calling our name.  Whether you are soaking up the sun in St. Tropez, Majorca, Martha’s Vineyard, or The Hamptons, the most important decision will not be your SPF number, but which little number you will be donning down by the sea.

Brace Yourself

  Last summer Silly Bandz were all the rage. Kids and adults alike grabbed these colorful rubber bands off the shelves before you could say “I want these now” and if you turned around, alas, they were gone. This summer a different variety of plastique bracelet has swept the retailers by storm. Colorful stretchy power chains coined BRACED-LETS are the fashion statement du jour. The colored rubber links are connected by metal brackets. They are the brainchildren of Drs . Marc Lemchen and Jennifer Salzer, New York orthodontists who then enlisted the creative talents of designer Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost jewelry to produce the line. Funny this should come onto my wrist because I grew up with those metal brackets.  My father, Dr. Unter... Read More