Europe on the brain


Here we go!

Travel tip of the day: Pack light. Go far. 

I have a confession to make. I want it all. Next week, I am headed to the centers of the fashion universe: Italy and France. More specifically, Montecatini, and then onto Paris. I want to travel light, but I also want it to appear that I have brought 8 suitcases with me, and that I have endless wardrobe choices.

As I started to make my packing list, I realized that most Europeans head out to their country homes and beaches for the month of August. This means maxi dresses, casual summer frocks,  and dressing for comfort are de rigueur.

After years of travel, I think very little about packing. I know what I like, what looks good on me, and how to style myself. Last time I went on a long trip, I overpacked and felt the burden of the “stuff” overwhelm me. I believe you can have it all, and here are the tricks I have learned to make the appropriate choices, and still be able to wear your favorite things.

1. Pick a color and work around it.

Since it is mid summer and the Weather Channel says high 80’s, I am going to work off white and pops of color like orange, the color of the season, and shades of blues and green.

Stella McCartney dress. Chanel necklace

Kara Ross

2. Dresses:
Dresses are very slimming, pack very easily and are multi-purpose. wear flats with a sundress and you can walk anywhere, something I will be doing a lot of.

vintage dress, k jacques sandals

Jes Wade dress, Dannijo feather, K Jaques sandals

Dress designer unknown, Moschino heels

3. Toiletries.
One thing here, keep it simple. Sunscreen. Eye mask.

my eye mask

4. Jeans. I am a big fan of the wide-leg jeans at the moment, so those are coming in my suitcase.

Stella Top, J. Brand jeans

5. Shoes.
It’s all about the shoes. Here I must enforce some rules on myself. I will not take 12 pairs of shoes, I promise. Just the basic that go with multiple outfits.  Ballets flats, espadrilles, strappy high heels, and a pair of wedges.

Dior heaven

Louboutin heels

Don’t worry, I  won’t be slopping around in flip-flops, and worn denim because I will feel like there is a neon “tourist” sign right above my head.

Me in Halston Heritage jumpsuit: almost a relic.

6. Bags.
Another weakness of mine.  I will only take a large tote that carries everything for the flight and a clutch for evenings.

Stella McCartney

7. Swimmsuits


8. Accessories.
Pile them on. They always make any outfit look great and fresh and aren’t cumbersome.

My baubles

Arm Party

9. Extra Suitcase.
If I need something i will purchase it on the road. Years ago, I took an empty suitcase to Europe and it came back full. The American dollar is so weak that I won’t be able to shop till I drop but I sure will be window-shopping as fall is right around the corner!
Paris, that’s another story.

The only form of transportation

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  1. There is some serious fun and adventure in that suitcase and love seeing the Jes Wade torqued tube dress : ) In Paris get a week pass and jump on a Velib bike and zoom everywhere without waiting for cabs! ALSO, very important, Paris has been COLD so take a versatile jacket or two. Have fun Stephanie!

  2. I just got back from my trip– it was amazing, thanks.
    I rented the Velib bike in Paris, and bopped all over the city. I did buy a ton of stuff there b/c Fall was in the air and forgot to pack jackets.

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