Vintage Shopping in Your Closet

vintage shopping in your closet

Wearing Vintage fur / Fendi pants / Celine boots / vintage sweater and beanie 




Happy Monday! Today on the feed, I am talking about basic January blues. How do you combat them? It’s freezing outside, and I find it hard to get motivated and get dressed in the mornings. I always think I have nothing to wear. But when I look at it from a different perspective, I have so much that I just have to start with a piece that I haven’t worn and put it on with something different. Instead of online shopping, try this out for a month and see if it works. I am guilty of adding things to my shopping cart when I am shopping online.

Does anyone else have an addiction they are trying to combat? Social media, alcohol, shopping, too much exercise, and shopping are just some addictions I can think of. Shopping gives me a temporary high, and I am guilty of rewarding myself with something on occasion. So, instead of purchasing that item in my cart, I now walk away for 24 hours and if I am still thinking about it, I get it. If not, I don’t miss it. It’s my way of breaking a bad habit.

Today on the feed, I am going to show you how to do vintage shopping in your own closet. There are a few rules that I abide by and here are some of them.

Vintage Shopping in your Own Closet 

I know all of you have clothing, shoes, and bags that you don’t wear. My challenge to you is to pick one thing that you haven’t worn and style it differently. Then it really feels new again. Today I wore a vintage sweater, a fur from my mom, vintage jeans and Celine boots I found at Century 21.


Mix it Up

I like to mix it up on a daily basis. One day I wear skinny jeans and a blazer with a turtleneck and the next a cable knit sweater. Style is all about how you wear things so play around with your clothing.

Favorite Vintage Shopping

Etsy Marketplace

One of my personal favorites. Etsy sells everything vintage you can think of and their customer service is excellent.

Beacon’s Closet

One of my favorite things about Beacon’s Closet is that it is one of the only vintage shops that also buys from you. I have sold bags, after bags of clothes to them, and anything that they don’t buy you are able to donate. Which is perfect in the case you are looking to downsize. One of my biggest wins from Beacon’s Closet was a vintage Gucci skirt for $90.00!

What Comes Around Goes Around

Chanel, Gucci, Celine—some of fashion’s most iconic labels can be found in the What Goes Around Comes Around handbag collection. First established in 1993 as a well-curated vintage shop in NYC, the lux resale purveyor is now an international operation that now exists around the globe. In other words, the hunt for investment-worthy, have-forever pieces ends here. Can be a bit pricey but worth every penny.


Farfetch has some of the best edits around and their selection is well curated. One of the best kept secrets is their sale!

ASOS Marketplace 

Asos has the widest selection of vintage clothing, accessories and more. they also curate some of my favorite shops on their marketplace site as well.

Here are some other vintage hunts that I love.

The Stellar Boutique 

It’s Vintage Darling


The RealReal

On dissecting how to be accountable for oneself, I have been spending my time cooking, binging on my favorite series and getting into books.

What about you?

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