fashion uniform blazer

Fashion Uniform

fashion uniform

plaid blazer

fashion uniform

plaid blazer

Fendi bag

Alaia vintage jacket, shop similar 

Anine Bing blazer

faux leather pants 

Prada mules

Fendi bag

B Low the Belt 

I used to spend a lot of time looking at fashion, studying up before Fashion Week and catching up on all the trends of the season. I love reading about fashion, and more specifically, being bemused by fashion and the intricacies of how a garment goes from design to concept. It is still one of my favorite pastimes. As far as translating the runway to everyday wear, it no longer worked for me. It doesn’t work for most women as nobody’s daily life is a runway. So a few years ago, I was happiest when athleisure became a thing. I had small children, and it all kind of went out the window.

For a period of time, I was basically in sweatpants and denim, and I didn’t mind it. If you are in the fashion business, there is a fine line, however, between being comfortable and being demoralized. the prefect solution? Acquiring a wardrobe built out of great staples would be the perfect solution. As I started to get back into the world of work, I needed pieces that were easy and chic that did not require a lot of planning or accessorizing. It is here that I did return to high school. As in, in the clothing concept sense, I developed a fashion uniform. 

Behind the Scenes of Fashion Week

Here’s some insider information not many people know: A lot of fashion week is spent just…waiting around. You wait to sign in to a show, you wait to enter, you wait for the show to actually start (which rarely—if ever—happens on time). The runway show itself is 15 minutes to a half an hour late. Then, you wait again as everyone tries to squeeze out of the same exit once it’s over. This has long been the case, but in 2019, when a lot of shows are live-streamed and even more are posted on social media in real time, the value of physically attending fashion shows has started to dwindle, especially for industry insiders.

A Winter Fashion Uniform 

First of all, how do you come up with a fashion uniform? The key to it is realizing what works on you, and you only. As a stylist, I can come to your closet and help you with that process. By weeding and eliminating some things in your wardrobe is a start. And only adding pieces that work for you. Following trends is not always the way to go. You have to know or learn what works on your body and have confidence which is not always an easy task. Finding out what is flattering is fashionable!

I wanted to find clothes that moved easily from a winter’s morning making pancakes to a meeting, or to a dinner party. These are the basics I am wearing right now for easy, fuss-free dressing. A blazer, belted. Faux leather pants, and a statement bag.

See below for the links as and always they are all clickable to purchase! 

fashion uniform

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Photos: Lydia Hudgens 

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