How to Survive Fashion Week

how to survive fashion week

Ulla Johnson Sweater

Goldsign denim 

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Strange sightings of decked out fashion types wearing stilettos in the snow can only mean one thing: New York Fashion Week, the biannual fashion Super Bowl, is back. And just in time, Uber raised its prices, what a treat. For a certain subset of New Yorkers, celebrities, and influencers, the next few days are set to be a whirlwind of both work and play. Catwalks and cocktail parties, events and editorial content, lots of stress and little sleep. It all certainly seems glamorous on Instagram, but anyone who works in the biz knows that the burnout is real. So, how do editors, PR mavens, and street style stars survive? It is a bit more complicated than just survival. In fact, it takes a lot of planning.

From deciding what you are going to wear, to how to get from place to place, there are some survival hacks that I have learned throughout the years of attending Fashion weeks. There are some 78 shows in all, many of which take place at Spring Studios on Varick Street and Industria on Washington Street, as well as some at Pier 59. Most will be presenting their visions for Fall/Winter 2019, though a few will be offering see now/buy now looks for spring. Click through for a few of my favorite Fashion Week hacks and see how to survive fashion week.

How To Survive Fashion Week 

Don’t Go Broke

I am very into sustainable fashion , these sustainable pajamas, and rewearing what I have. Sometimes it is hard not to get caught up in perfecting your #OOTD. But, like me, if you’re not #influential enough to have designers throwing their collections at you, there is a little known secret. Editors and stylists alike borrow the high-end goods for less. Apply for coveted access to Villageluxe or ask me for an invite code, and snag luxury looks from fellow fashion girls’ closets. You can carry a Birkin and rock a street style worthy outfit for less than a single Louboutin. And you’re not just doing something good for your wallet. Borrowing instead of buying is also better for the earth. Chic and sustainable.

Energy Drinks and Snacks 

Hydrate. Because Lunch is pretty nonexistent. Just take a peek at my calendar. I’m not going out to lunch. It’s all about logistics.I am big proponent of preparing food and snacks in advance of my busiest days. Of course, that all goes down the tubes if my bag is micro-sized. So there are options. Like bringing along mini snack size options.

Here are some favorites:


Cyrotherapy and InfraRed Saunas

In case you missed it, I recently did a post talking about all the benefits of cryotherapy and sweating it out. Back when NYFW was still held at Bryant Park, Valium was the way to get through the day. How ’90s. Thankfully, the fashion folk of today prefer a much more natural approach. Keep yourself in check with an occasional treatment. No time for that? How about CBD? Toted as the new avocado toast, CBD oils and lotions are all the rage. The good stuff calms me down, helps me sleep, and reduces anxiety. I am hooked. #LegalizeIt.

Call It A Night 

Some of the best fashion events and parties don’t even get started until 9 or 10pm. The days where I stayed up way late and had too many drinks are long gone. The way to go is to pop in and say hello to all your peeps and call it an early night. Tempted? You won’t feel like yourself the next day, so just think of that.

Plan Your Outfits in Advance

Most of all, fashion is supposed to be fun. Attending so many shows can be exhausting but try to lighten it up!

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