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Faux Fur Alert

Faux fur alert

Happy New Year everyone!

Now that it is the new year, it has gotten pretty cold, which means it’s time to hibernate. Just kidding, but for me, it’s a time to read more books, binge with more shows, and bundle up in my favorite winter teddy coats. I personally am really happy about it. It brings a sense of renewal to gear up for the year ahead. You will want to say warm once you venture outside and down below I have posted a faux fur alert for the long winter ahead.

Maybe it’s because more fashion brands are jumping on the cruelty-free bandwagon. Entire cities are going fur free! Or just the fact that it’s so dang plush and cozy, but faux fur coats are having a moment. It is one of the most popular winter jacket styles this year. Even before the weather outside was frightful enough to make you want to turn into a teddy bear, retailers saw a 105-percent spike in interest for faux fur. Fuzzy vests, coats, backpacks, and other fashion items that closely resemble stuffed animals are some of my favorite takes on the material. Milennials are becoming more and more aware of the impact our choices have on the world, and luxury brands are taking note. The French fashion brand Apparis, specializing in faux fur coats and say they’ve seen an uptick in interest. They believe a major reason why faux fur is finding so much favor right now is because it doesn’t look as fake as it used to. It’s not just vegans who are interested in faux fur anymore.


Fur Fur Alert

I have linked some of my favorite coats below for your shopping pleasure, They aren’t only incredibly warm, but also super stylish. Some of my absolute favorite coats are oversized, leopard, and they are available in so many different fits, colors and patterns.

What I like best about the coats is that they are so versatile. You can wear them either with sneakers for a super casual look or with boots and skirts. These cozy coats make every winter outfit perfect. These should keep you warm, cozy, and most importantly get you through the cold days in style.

How do you stay warm in the winter? Tell me in the comments !


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