Back to Basics, How to Shop Now

Shop the look Stella McCartney jacket, shop similar here and here. Nili Lotan ivory muscle tee, Frankie Shop pants, Chanel tote.     Is Fashion Becoming Streamlined? After attending New York Fashion week this season and following all the European shows, I have noticed a slew of designers that are creating very basic... Read More

Vintage Shopping in Your Closet

Wearing Vintage fur / Fendi pants / Celine boots / vintage sweater and beanie        Happy Monday! Today on the feed, I am talking about basic January blues. How do you combat them? It’s freezing outside, and I find it hard to get motivated and get dressed in... Read More

Time Out

Life in 2013 is advanced and challenging enough, it doesn’t ease the pain that people worldwide operate on totally different time zones. Unless you are a world traveler, it is not that important to know what time it is in Sydney, or Hong Kong, but how many times a day... Read More

Fashion Follies From Milan

In spite of geographical separation, (New York is almost 4,000 miles away from Milan), I consider myself lucky that I am able to watch the shows across the pond live-stream every morning on Style.com. Sitting at my desk, I have an unobstructed vantage point, being able to finally see the... Read More

Milan FW 2012 shows

Milan has come and gone but after many scrupulous hours hunting down the latest, I have come up with some of my favorites. Today’s focus is all names ending in the letter “i” — tomorrow I move onto other vowels. Starting off with Gucci, the romance quotient has returned in... Read More