Time Out

Life in 2013 is advanced and challenging enough, it doesn’t ease the pain that people worldwide operate on totally different time zones. Unless you are a world traveler, it is not that important to know what time it is in Sydney, or Hong Kong, but how many times a day do you have a conference call with somebody across the globe? Ok what about checking the time? Constantly? Of course. I check my smart phone maniacally for the correct time, but having this time function does deplete those darn batteries. No wonder my battery juice mysteriously disappears by 2pm. In my book, there’s nothing worse than being oblivious to the time and date. I don’t like wearing just one ginormous hunk of metal on my wrist. So what am I suggesting here? An iWatch? Too futuristic. Maybe. Read on.


I have had a growing fascination with watches ever since I starting stacking my wrists with loads of chunky accessories. And since its almost summer, and we can finally bare our limbs again, what a better time like the present to start stacking your watches as a fashun statement? I like my watch, like my almond butter, on the chunkier side. Even though women’s wrists are historically smaller, chunky watches = sexy.

And as an added bonus, this is a great opportunity for weight lifting should you happen to skip the gym and take your arm accessories to the next level without too much thought. Take a peek below for some inspiration.


If you’ve got time on your hands, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.


photo: Jak and Jil

Breitling watches seen on Chrono24 


 photo: a pair and a spare

The beauty of wearing all those watches is that they don’t have to be super expensive to make a bold statement. Trust me on that.

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