In Disguise

I almost forgot how to type. Sandy and all her devious plans to drown Manhattan and the Northeastern seaboard has kept me off the internet grid making these past few days challenging to say the least. I basically got away unscathed, but for a few flickering lights and down trees, but for many of us New Yorkers stranded or without power, life has been challenging to say the least. I know the last 24 hours have been tough for many of you and I hope you and your families are safe.

Back to regular programming, today on the Fashion Hunter, in honor of a heart-wrenching non-existent Halloween 2012 caused by Stormin’ Sandy’s devastating aftermath, I am sending you love with a DIY eye makeup tutorial. Fortunately for the last-minute Halloween costume ideas (at press time, Ricky’s Superstore is open today) you can stick to Plan B, stay in, and transform your look with makeup whether you are dressed up as Big Bird, our friend Sandy, or a piece of candy corn. If I do dress up today, I will be a Fairy-godmother, where I will wave my magic wand and make everything back to normal.

Stepping way out of my comfort zone, I can honestly say that it took a lot of bravery to show up on your doorstep in character. This site, normally flooded with images of myself has never entered the beauty genre. Most likely because I don’t really have a beauty routine– I just throw some bronzer and eyeliner on my face and go. But this being a special day, (see hurricane threats and what have you), a beauty rendering must take place. After all, even though the annual Greenwich Village Halloween parade is officially cancelled, you can buy your candy corn and eat it too. Put a selfie up on instagram. Video chat your creation. All you’ll need is a waterproof black pencil, a touch of gold shimmer, black liquid liner, and mascara.

Makeup: Daniel Wiener. Hair: Sarah Pierre. Photo: Michael Crook.

Fashion creds: Vanessa Bruno embellished metallic sweater, Oscar de la Renta feather wrap

Here’s your tutorial created by makeup artist Daniel Wiener.

Step 1. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil. Give them strong definition.

Step 2. Line the inside of your eyes with a waterproof black pencil to achieve that all-black effect.

Step 3. Take a soft shimmer light color and place it underneath the brows from the inside corner of the eye and sweep past the brows. Add the same color on the inner section of your eyelid.

Step 4. Add a touch of gold shimmer in the center of the eye lid.

Step 5. Line the outside of your eye with a liquid liner. Make it thick on top and thin under the eye. Connect the two dies with a wing effect at the corner

Step 6. Apply false lashes or layer tons of mascara.

Step 7. Apply white glitter under the brow for dramatic effect.

And finally, keep the rest of your face as neutral (bronzer to face, nude lip) as possible as the eyes are the focus here.

And the hair? That’s just crazy  multi-colored hairspray. Just kidding. That’s a trick.

Happy Halloween! xo

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