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When attending a dinner party this past Friday, I received a wonderful compliment that threw me off-guard. “Your face looks fantastic! What did you do?” my dear friend asked. I can tell you first-hand that she wasn’t talking anything specific, as she claimed, but rather, my “glowing” skin. “It must be the hat,” I retorted, trying to brush off the compliment. Yup, the large brimmed baby I was wearing, see: Saint Laurent Spring ’13, which framed my face just so. But, then I thought, it had to be the red lipstick, adding the just amount of colorful magic every time. But truth be told, my menstrual cycle stopped in to say hi, just in time to sit down for dinner, which probably enhanced the fake glow that demanded such unbridled attention.

Feeling good during the flow isn’t easy. Soaring hormones, stable headaches and cramps, and pimples on my chin don’t make it any easier. But self-medication in the form of a reliable beauty routine, cue the concealer, definitely helps. If for nothing else, it is analogous to my less clogged facial pores, less indentations/wrinkles, and my face is a lot more vibrant. I give credit to drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, and taking the time to take care of my skin.

Down below is my collage that I put together of twelve bare-boned beauty items for my face that I swear by. For low maintenance girls that demands a high return. The key to a glowing dermis is twelve minutes, one minute per product. Here is my hit list.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 1.22.21 PM

Start with the dr. Brandt Vitamin C serum for preventing further damage, followed by Dr. Hauschka eye cream. Drop it on, let it sit and soak in. Then I apply Laura Mercier SPF 20 tinted moisturizer for some deep bronzy color and sun protection even in the winter. Next apply NARS bronzing bronzer with a big fat face brush by Bobbi BrownFeeling pale? Add this NARS blush in Super Orgasm for that secret color should you not be going through your menstrual cycle. For a cream blush, try this Bobbi Brown cheek tint.

On the eyes, start by curling your lashes with this Trish McEvoy curler. For $20, pinching your lashes up is a win win. Put on nOir eye liner, top and bottom, for a bold smoky look. I always finish the eye with black mascara, and this tubular Trish McEvoy is so easy to use and take off.

And finally on my lips, I use red lipstick like this Chanel satin lip color in Famous. Boom, color! Don’t feeling like putting on any makeup? No problem. Plan B: just put on the lipstick. Or stand on your head for 3 minutes. Either way, blood will have rushed to your face to achieve that glow. At the end of the night, don’t forget to wash it all of with Cetaphil cleanser, for a measly $9.00. (it’s cheaper than a cup of Starbucks mocha cappuccino)  Now you’re red-carpet ready. Don’t you feel better? Happy Monday!


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