Last minute Halloween Costume Idea

The weekend is almost here, and that means it’s almost time for Halloween parties, costume celebrations, and monster bashes. While many of us have been carefully planning their costumes over the past few weeks, there are others of us *cough cough * who put planning to the last minute. Are... Read More

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume

Are you a devil in disguise? Or a you going to be Northwest all dressed up in baby pink? Well folks, it’s time to face the music. Halloween is today. No costume? No problem. You might need a visual pundit, and a little humor, but get on my page here. A... Read More

In Disguise

I almost forgot how to type. Sandy and all her devious plans to drown Manhattan and the Northeastern seaboard has kept me off the internet grid making these past few days challenging to say the least. I basically got away unscathed, but for a few flickering lights and down trees,... Read More

A Fashion Costume for Halloween

Halloween is hauntingly near, exactly 4 days away, and if you, like me, are saving your costume prep for the last minute, fret no more. We do have the weekend. Every year I am faced with the inevitable challenge of coming up with the perfect Halloween costume. Ideally, I choose... Read More