Make Me Up

Striking purple glitterized

The eyes have it.

I really haven’t delved deep into the beauty department, besides a few hair braids and bold red lips from the runways. This is most likely because I am not a big makeup fan myself, assembling my face in five minutes or less, yet trying to look 10 years younger. But I have bags under my eyes! Sleeping Beauty fail. Our lives are busier than ever, we are sleeping less and to relinquish those 5 minutes per night to take off pesky eye makeup is just, not happening. So I figure no makeup? No problem.

Unfortunately for me, it makes it more difficult to prove my point by avoiding the fact that red lips and/or smoky eyes are part of the polished glamorous quotient, and to achieve that mood I should start with a blank palette, and start applying. Right?  Right. Let’s get down to business and the sobering reality that most of us can’t go outside without the minimal concealer. I’m not one to preach what I don’t practice. I’ll admit I’m a rookie for playing game face.

Today I am venturing on a new idea, and actually creating a look using makeup. How novel, really. The bold eye, the pink liner, the red lip, the black lipstick. Really Steph, the dark moody vampire? I didn’t think so. This time I know I’m better off leaving the tips and tricks of the trade to the gurus. Hello, makeup and hair artiste. The cue for today is shaved eyebrows, full lips. Just kidding.

Hypothetically, if I didn’t wear any makeup at all, I would be assaulting the general public and we wouldn’t want that. It’s not quite Halloween yet.

Wish me luck..See you on the other side!


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